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Women are joining sports betting apps faster than men

Sports betting is growing in popularity as it is legalized in more and more states, and in the last year the number of women participating has increased at a much faster rate than that of men.

More … than 4.6 million women joined sports betting apps in 2021, according to Global Wireless Solutions, and female usage increased 115% from 2020.

  • FanDuel added around 1.7 million female users last year.
  • DraftKings attracted around 900,000 women.

While the number of men on sports betting apps was 250% higher than women in 2021, the growth rate for men was only 63%.

Some of the biggest sports betting apps in the US are now said to have more female users than males, including Bet Rivers and its associated New Jersey outlet Sugar House (54% to 46%). Fewer than 380,000 men joined the company last year, compared to about 600,000 women.

Despite the higher growth rate, women use apps less frequently than men. The study found that 70% of women use the apps for only one to five weeks a year, compared to 61% of men.

New numbers

The total number of sports betting app users has doubled over the past two years, with the top 5% of users claiming more than half of total app usage.

In 2021, sports betting revenues increased by 179.7% compared to 2020 to reach a record $4.3 billion from $57.2 billion in handle.