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Wine-Based CrossOver 22 released to enjoy Windows apps and games on Linux

CodeWeavers today announced the availability of its Wine-based CrossOver 22 software for enjoying Windows apps and games on Linux, ChromeOS, and macOS.

CrossOver 22 is the latest major update to this Wine downstream ad. CodeWeavers continues to refine CrossOver while continuing to be the most prolific upstream contributing organization to Wine itself and working on Wine?Proton under contract to Valve.

With CrossOver 22 there is a “complete overhaul” of the user interface for Crossover on Linux, macOS and Chrome OS. The hope is that the new user interface is more intuitive and offers a modern look and feel.

In addition to the UI overhaul, CrossOver 22 is rebased on upstream Wine 7.7, includes VKD3D 1.4, and features a number of targeted macOS improvements for better gaming performance.

CrossOver 22 also offers initial support for DirectX 12 games on Linux with currently a handful of titles like Diablo II Resurrected currently supported. However, most Linux gamers will find the best experience with Steam Play. Linux and ChromeOS users with CrossOver 22 can also benefit from better support for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016.

More details on this commercial software for Linux via