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Upcoming account switching in Microsoft 365 Web Apps

Microsoft makes life easier for the millions of people who use Microsoft 365 services on the web. Just announced the ability for Microsoft 365 web users to sign in and switch between work and personal accounts in the same web browser, without the need for complicated workarounds.

Coming in April and June, the feature should be visible on, as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint for the web, Outlook on the web, OneDrive for the web, SharePoint, and the Microsoft 365 admin center. it will be ready for you, you will see it on these respected web pages by clicking on the account manager in the upper right corner. From there, you can add a new account or switch to an account already logged into the same web browser. Once you’ve switched, the web page will refresh with the content associated with the account you’re switching to. Check it out in the GIF below!

Microsoft, however, has a few important things to note about this feature. You can only use one account per app at a time. If you end up using two or more browser app tabs with different accounts, you will be prompted to refresh the tab with non-active accounts.

Additionally, Microsoft does not mix data access permissions between work/school accounts or different organizations. Finally, the ability to sign in with multiple accounts doesn’t sync across your accounts, so if you add personal and work accounts in a Microsoft 365 web app on Microsoft Edge and then go to Chrome, the accounts won’t show up automatically . the. You will have to manually add them again on newer browsers.

“This feature maintains data integrity and confidentiality across different account and organizational boundaries. In other words, each account will continue to only have access to data for which it has permissions,” said said Microsoft’s Amara Gordon in a post announcing the feature.

With this, you will no longer need to use separate InPrivate windows or Microsoft Edge profiles for your different organizations when accessing these Microsoft 365 web apps. Going forward, Microsoft says it is actively working to bring more support for that, so more Microsoft 365 Web Apps in reach, so best to stay tuned for more.

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