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The best apps to help you file your taxes for free

TAXES can be daunting and even a little confusing – but four companies have created simple apps to make the process easier.

They might come in handy because the general deadline for filing a tax return is April 18.


These apps simplify taxes

Below are four mostly free apps that offer assistance if needed.

They are easy to use and compatible with iOS and Android.

TaxAct Express

TaxAct is a simple solution for filing taxes on any iOS or Android device.

You are able to file basic taxes such as W-2 wages, receive credits for dependents, education, savings, and earned income.

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They also allow for more complex returns like 1099-DIV and 1099-INT for dividend and interest income.

For easy returns, TaxAct is completely free, and for more complicated cases, it’s always under $50.

turbo tax

Turbo Tax is arguably the household name for tax filing software because the process is simple.

While you answer their questions, they keep tabs on you so you can track your refund or how much you owe.

This app simplifies the process by essentially filling in the hard stuff for you.

All you do is upload a photo of your W-2, and the app will upload the correct numbers into the tax forms for you.

If your statement is simple, you can file for free.

H&R Block Tax Prep

Like most tax apps today, H&R Block Tax Prep lets you upload your W-2, eliminating the burden of manually entering your tax information.

They also offer in-person preparation if mobile isn’t for you.

H&R Block Tax Prep is offered on multiple platforms; iOS, Android or even Kindle.

For a simple tax return, the application is completely free.

tax killer

Tax Slayer offers four plans ranging from free to under $60 with unlimited phone and email support.

They ensure that you will get every dollar back or be reimbursed for the applicable amount paid.​

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With its free app, Tax Slayer simplifies the process by estimating your taxes early, allowing you to budget before you even file.

All you do is enter your W-2 or a copy of your paycheck and they will calculate your return or what you owe.

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