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The best apps for talking to mages

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Tonight is the most magical night of the year. Adults and children alike have been waiting for a year for the arrival of the Three Kings of the East, who will spend the night of January 5 to 6, distributing gifts to all children – and less children – provided they have been well behaved over the past 12 months.

If you want to talk to the Three Kings, pay attention to these possibilities in app form

The illusion reigns today and many people will attend – taking their precautions and respecting the health protection measures – some of the many parades and parades of the Kings that will be held this year in practically all the municipalities.

However, some will prefer to watch the parades on television or, better yet, try to speak live with the Three Kings to let them know their requests, when they have already been able to write a letter to Their Majesties with these apps that we advised them.

If you also want to speak with Their Majesties the Magi of the East, or you want to surprise the little ones in the house with a video call from their favorite wizard king, here we are going to tell you about some of the best apps you can find to make video calls with Their Majesties on such a special day as today. hui.

-Reyes Magos – Family Video Calls (iOS): This is a free app that you can download from the Apple Store app store. With it, you can talk in real time with any of the mages, whatever you choose.

Her Majesty will appear on the screen and thanks to TrueDepth technology, Her Majesty’s facial expressions will be mimicked. The voice will be that of a distorted adult. It is worth a try.

Three Wise Men iOS Family Video Call

-Tele Reyes Magos: This is a web page that works in desktop browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox) and also contains apps for Android and iOS. Just press the “I want to talk to my wise king” button and select your favorite king to talk to him directly. As simple as that.

Video call of the Three Wise Men TV

-Video call with the Three Kings (iOS and Android): With this app, the video call can even be recorded. This way, kids can relive their conversation with their favorite Wizard King over and over again. It is available for free on iOS mobiles and Android phones, by downloading it from the corresponding App Store.

Video call with the Three Kings iOS and Android

-Video calls of the Three Kings – Christmas Messages (Android): In this case, the application is only available for Android phones, but the operation is very similar to the previous one. It also allows you to record the video call to keep the memory forever.

Three Wise Men Video Call Christmas Messages

-Reyes Magos Iberia: This year, Iberia also launched a feature that allows you to see the Three Kings live and even receive a -fictional- video call from its website. It is enough to put the name of the child, to select a series of data which will be reproduced in the video and to press on play.