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The App Store advertising model will be extended to more iOS apps according to Gurman. This will only benefit Apple

Gurman, one of the most reliable leakers on Apple that we know, advanced that Apple Maps will begin to include advertisements very soon in the same style as those that already exist in the App Store. In addition: most likely they will also reach other native services of the system, such as books, podcasts or the stock market.

Is this an appropriate novelty? Let’s see what each part gets:

  • Manzana Earn money from advertising revenue that you weren’t earning before.
  • developers they gain visibility… as long as they pay the price.
  • The users we are more exposed to advertising in a product (the iPhone) that we pay, in services that often (Books, Podcasts) also include internal payments.

It seems that no one here earns as much as Apple.

This ad as we know it in the App Store basically works as follows:

  1. Developers bid on a keyword (“task manager”, “run”, “recipes”, “puzzles”…).
  2. Whoever bids the most gets the ad that appears when searching for that keyword in the App Store.

The problem is that keywords aren’t always so innocent. We have often seen dumping between developers. A developer of a Twitter client may bid on the term “Twitter” and understand it to be an acceptable metonym for an application open to such third-party development.

Instead, we often see examples of apps paying to appear first in searches for specific names from their competitors. An invented example (although in the image that directs the article there is a real one): as if Things bought the search for “Todoist”. The user is not looking for something generic, but rather for a specific application. But since his rival pays, he appears in first place (marked as an ad and shaded blue, but in first place after all).

you can give the ridiculous situation of a developer having to pay to appear in their own search and thus prevent your rival from paying more and appearing first.

Do we want to see this extended to podcasts, books and other system services? Will someone looking for the nearest McDonald’s come across the Burger King ad? If it affects a multinational, imagine how it can affect neighborhood business.

This situation is the one that is about to be generated (this is already happening with applications) in other environments due to the initiative of the largest company in the world that is breaking record after record in billing and profits . Is it a secondary activity that all parties are satisfied with?

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