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The ad blocker apps you need to get the best viewing experience

Are you annoyed by the unnecessary ads that keep popping up on your screen while using your phone? You might be playing a challenging and thrilling game that you are about to win and a detergent ad pops up.

Most of the time, you don’t even have the option to remove the ad until you see the entire video of it. The adrenaline rush that was building up while you were playing the game wears off.

At other times, you may be watching a very emotional movie or listening to your favorite album when a floor tile ad pops up on your phone. This is sure to put you in a bad mood. Sometimes the advertisements even go so far as to cover the entire screen.

Music on YouTube lasts an average of 3 minutes. YouTube has always used ads on it to generate revenue, but recently they have increased the number and duration of ads. Several users reported nuisances during the new update. If you listen to a three minute track and have 3 different commercials playing in the middle, it is bound to ruin the whole experience.

Today there may be several different companies making Android devices, but ultimately Google has the ultimate authority over this. It can allow you to block ads when using a browser like Chrome, but it does not allow you to block ads when using other apps.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that ads are ultimately how Google generates its revenue. And the second concerns security issues. Allowing one application to access another application can compromise your privacy and endanger the security of your system.

Google Play Store checks the security of the applications it contains. As it does not allow ad blocking on phones system-wide, no app provides this service. Whichever system-wide ad blocker app you choose to install, it will need to come from an outside source.

Therefore, you must be completely sure about the security of the app before installing it. Remember to never give root access to an app, as this gives it full control over your device.

Below is a list of apps that help remove ads from your Android phones for better user experience. You can finally say goodbye to those loud, boisterous ads that keep swarming you every time you breathe.

Pure tuber

This is an app where you can watch YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements. Pure Tuber has the same database as YouTube but better features for a more user-friendly experience.

It is free and also allows you to customize the app so that you can display content of your favorite genre. It even has a better interface than YouTube. However, this app does not allow you to download videos. It compensates for this by being more flexible and easier to interact with.

If you want to watch YouTube without being disturbed by intrusive ads and have the best viewing experience, then Pure Tuber is the app for you. The application’s AI automatically improves the quality of videos as well as its audio. The application even allows you to customize its color and style.

One of the most common complaints people have with YouTube is that when they exit the app, the video stops playing. So if you want to listen to music through YouTube, you will have to stay on the app all the time. As soon as you exit the app, the music stops. This way you can’t do anything else on your phone.

Pure Tuber has a huge advantage in this regard as it allows you to exit the app with the video still playing in the background. So you can listen to your favorite songs while working on other apps.

Additionally, if you log into your account, you can take advantage of other features like commenting and creating playlists. It also syncs with your original YouTube account so that your viewing history is saved. So, in addition to blocking ads during videos, Pure Tuber offers a wide range of user-friendly features that provide a better experience.


AdAway is a free app that lets you block ads from across your device. It is open source software, so you can always check its code for security concerns. Bugs are easy to report and are therefore fixed quickly.

This app also allows for a certain level of customization. You can choose to whitelist or blacklist items depending on your preference. However, this app can be slightly difficult for people who are not very tech savvy to use.


AdBlock is a relatively simple option for removing ads from Android devices. It can work in various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. It can remove all kinds of ads like floating ads, video ads, text ads, banners, etc. at no cost. AdBlock can block ads before they load, which makes the browser run faster.

However, this application has a major drawback: it does not work on applications other than browsers. Also, it has been reported that sometimes ads are missing in cases where the browser is caching the ads.

TrustGo Ad Detector

This app has a slightly indirect approach to blocking ads. Instead of directly blocking them, it scans the entire system and identifies which apps are responsible for delivering annoying ads to your screen.

In this way, it indicates the root cause of the advertisements. And then you can choose to uninstall these apps if you want. In this way, it gives you more control over your device. Plus, the app doesn’t cost you anything.

In addition, TrustGo Ad Detector can also help identify malware that could pose a threat to your privacy. However, since this app does not block ads directly, you will need to install another ad blocker app to associate it with.