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The 6 Best Android Keyboard Apps for Effortless Typing

Keyboard apps are among the essential apps in our phones, but we rarely consider replacing them. When you buy a new phone, you probably start replacing the default apps with some of the best Android apps, but you’ll probably forget about your keyboard.

If you are planning to get one of the best Android phones, now might be the perfect time to change the keyboard. From reliable classics like Gboard to quirky apps like Fonts Keyboard, we’ve rounded up the best keyboard apps for Android, so you can try something new without scrolling through endless lists of emoji keyboards.


If it’s not pre-installed on your phone, try Gboard. It has lots of nifty features and tricks, including Google Translate and a GIF library. It is also the only app with Emoji Kitchen mashups. While Gboard isn’t the flashiest app, it’s a reliable workhorse that probably has what you’re looking for.

Gboard includes voice and swipe input, as well as inking; perfect if you’re using an Android phone with stylus support like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Some people might find it has too many features, though, and find the space these options take up frustrating.


quick key

Microsoft’s Swiftkey Keyboard is designed to learn how you type, and it picks up on slang and nicknames so you won’t be annoyed by constant auto-corrections. It takes a while to upgrade, but if you’re constantly turning down autocorrect suggestions, this might be the perfect solution.

Beyond that, Swiftkey has everything you’d expect from a modern keyboard. It features Emoji and GIF search, multiple themes, support for over 700 languages, and multiple keyboard themes. Its translation tools aren’t as powerful as Gboard’s, but it’s still a great option.


Grammar is a fantastic tool to improve your writing. While Grammarly’s Chrome extension is one of our favorites, it’s not limited to your desktop. That’s right Grammarly has its own keyboard app. Having the keyboard means you can access Grammarly’s writing suggestions wherever you type, from Facebook messages to emails.

Beyond its writing tools, the Grammarly Keyboard is a bit lacking in features. It has an emoji keyboard, but that’s about it. If you ignore most of Gboard’s features and don’t care about GIFs, Grammarly might be the perfect keyboard for you. Even if you don’t have Grammarly Premium, it offers more writing tips than the other apps on this list.

By type

The least conventional keyboard on this list, Typewise’s quirks are best demonstrated with its built-in game to teach you how to use the keyboard. It follows a different set of rules than most keyboard apps. First, its hex keys and non-QWERTY layout.

Typewise requires at least a few weeks to be used effectively. Until then, you will make a lot of typos. However, once you train your thumbs, you might find that it’s the most comfortable keyboard you’ve ever used. It’s not for everyone, but if you type on your phone a lot, it might come in handy. It’s also useful if you have a phone with a large screen, like the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Simple keyboard

Simple Keyboard does what its name suggests. It’s a keyboard without fancy translation tools or machine learning. It looks like a simplified version of Gboard, so if you found this keyboard comfortable but only want the basics, Simple Keyboard is for you.

Simple keyboard has no GIFs, emojis or swipe typing. You can customize some things, like theme and height, but this keyboard is for minimalists. Simple Keyboard is part of the Simple App family, which is one of the best apps available on Android. If you like Simple Keyboard minimalist theme, try the rest.

font keyboard

Sometimes you just want a fun keyboard, and that’s where Fonts Keyboard comes in. It’s not as obnoxious as screaming emoji-laden keyboards, but it lets you express yourself through different fonts. Switching between fonts is done via a swipeable menu, letting you change in seconds.

It’s a bit fancy and Fonts Keyboard doesn’t offer as many features as it should. And although it is compatible with many apps, you may notice errors here and there when an app encounters an unknown symbol. However, for the most part it works without issue.

Get the keyboard that’s right for you

Even if you’re happy with your default keyboard, it’s worth trying something new. Everyone has a different way of typing on their phone, so your default app is unlikely to be the best one for you. Once you have chosen the best keyboard, try one of the best Android launchers. This is another core experience that many people don’t think to change.