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Tech experts share the apps they can’t live without | 96.5 KISS-FM

Forbes asked 15 of its tech experts which apps they couldn’t live without and here are their answers:

  1. A password manager app – Experts recommend strong passwords, which means you’ll probably need an app that remembers them. I saved mine in my notes app and the passwords aren’t even that hard. Oops.
  2. Gmail – Experts say it’s simple and effective, making it their favorite email app.
  3. Google Chrome – Experts say it’s simple and the fastest, most reliable and mobile-friendly browser.
  4. Dropbox or OneDrive – Having shared access to work files is crucial for these technicians.
  5. Evernote – An app that helps you stay focused, it’s a tech-savvy favorite.
  6. Slack – Experts say this is essential because it’s the communication hub for their entire organization.
  7. A VPN – Security is essential when working in the tech world.
  8. WhatsApp – Large organizations tend to do business all over the world. Having a communication app that enables seamless global communication is a must.
  9. Waze – Commuting can be tedious, but with the Waze app, these tech experts can make sure they’re never late for a meeting.
  10. Uber – Again, large companies often need to travel, so having an app that makes getting around easy is a must.
  11. TED App – Whether you’re on the go or taking a break, the TED app is a fun way to learn new things these experts appreciate.
  12. Engadget – This app will cover all your tech needs, including keeping you up to date with news, hardware, software, and anything else someone in the tech field needs to know.
  13. Pocket – This app lets you save and manage articles you need to read later.
  14. A digital wallet – According to these technicians; cash, cards and checks will go through the fax machine.
  15. Headspace – If you’re in the ever-changing world of technology, it’s important to relax and refocus – the Headspace app lets you do just that with guided mediations that declutter your mind. That’s why these technicians love it!