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Pre-Order Mobile Apps Retain Rankings

The top three restaurant ordering apps once again share the gold medal in this month’s edition of the PYMNTS mobile ordering app vendor rankings.

This monthly ranking, based on a proprietary combination of publicly available information and usage data from apps PYMNTS has access to, reveals which advance order mobile apps are improving over time and which are declining.

The Top 5

Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell and Starbucks remain tied at No. 1, each with a score of 96.

Likewise, apps Dunkin’ and Panera Bread remained consistent at #2 with a score of 95.

Additionally, Burger King and Pizza Hut also remain tied at No. 3 with a score of 91.

There was, however, a reshuffle in fourth place. While Chick-fil-A held steady at No. 4 with a score of 90, Wingstop went from No. 4 to No. 5 with a score of 89, where he’s tied for one of the fifth picks. place of last month, McDonalds.

Top 10

Chipotle and Sonic remain tied at No. 6, holding their score of 87.

Still, one of last month’s fifth-place picks, Papa John’s Pizza, fell to No. 7, its score dropping three points to 86.

Sheetz dropped from 7th place to 8th place, but his score fell from 81 to 83.

Additionally, Subway dropped from No. 8 to No. 9, but its score fell from 78 to 80.

Last month’s ninth pick Shake Shack closes the standings at No. 10, up two points to 78, replacing former tenth-place pick Blaze Pizza, who slipped to No. 14 .

Check back next month to see if some of the lowest-ranked restaurants can make it into the top 10 or if one of the favorites ends up losing ground.



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