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Pixel’s At-a-Glance widget will show the status of food delivery apps

The At a Glance widget is a feature on Pixel phones that is either getting a lot of love or a lot of hate. Whatever your feelings, it’s no secret that it’s an integral part of the Pixel experience and easily sets the Pixel launcher apart from the rest.

The widget also received new features this year, some of which arrived as part of the quarterly Pixel Feature Drops. Earlier this year it regained the ability to show you who’s ringing at your Nest door, and just recently it regained the ability to give users traffic and journey time information while on the go.

Additionally, as reported last month as part of the 9to5Google APK teardown, three new features were also in the works: a cross-device timer, rideshare services ride status, and rideshare app status. food delivery. The latter would be next, as 9to5Google already unearthed it before it went live.

Image source: 9to5Google

According to 9to5, it appears as a “Food and Home Controls” toggle in the Assistant version of “At a Glance” Settings, unlike the new toggles that are part of the Pixel launcher. This toggle is said to have appeared on some devices running Android 12 and Android 13 through a server-side push. It’s reasonable to assume that this means the feature is almost ready to go live, possibly in the next Feature Drop. We’ll keep an eye out for this to appear on our phones and let you know when it happens.