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Incognia Mobile App Fraud Insights Report Reveals Food Delivery Apps Are a Major Target for… | Nation/World

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mobile Identity Pioneer Incognia announced today the publication of the results of their first Mobile App Fraud Report – Food Delivery. The study was conducted to assess the state of fraud in mobile food delivery apps. The results highlight a high volume of location spoofing on food delivery driver apps and show that a significant percentage of devices register multiple accounts on driver and consumer apps, indicating that drivers and users abuse promotional offers.

The use and adoption of food delivery has accelerated over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has fundamentally changed the way we put food on our plates. The availability of consumer-friendly apps and technology apps for drivers has seen the food delivery market triple since 2017 to a $150 billion global market1.

The Incognia Mobile App Fraud Insights Report shares data and insights from the Incognia Network on new types of fraud emerging on food delivery driver apps that are adding fraud losses and eating away at profits. Drivers spoofing their location to ‘game’ on driver app platforms to steal orders, increase their volume of rides, choose the best routes and qualify for top driver status are just a few- one of the current and most frequent fraud schemes. Additionally, a significant percentage of devices register multiple accounts on both driver apps and consumer apps, indicating that drivers and users are abusing promotional offers.

“As food delivery apps have exploded in popularity, fraudsters are manipulating food delivery driver apps with location-based fraud tactics,” said André Ferraz, Founder and CEO of Incognia. “Fraudsters use location spoofing to accept deliveries from high-traffic locations, charge for deliveries that have not been made, and flag longer journeys. Implementing location intelligence in mobile apps can verify a driver’s real-time location and detect location spoofing, to prevent location-based fraud.

The following device location and intelligence have been detected by Incognia for food delivery apps2.

Key information includes:

  • 11.9 million location events classified as GPS Spoofing on food delivery apps
  • 80,000 Devices Generating Locations with GPS Spoofing on Food Delivery Apps
  • The location spoofing rate on food delivery driver apps is 6.5x higher than other types of apps
  • 2.6% percentage of devices registering multiple driver accounts
  • 1.9% percentage of devices registering multiple personal accounts

To read the full report and analysis, please download the Incognia Mobile App Fraud Insights Report – Meal Delivery.

To build trust and security, Incognia offers a free location spoofing audit to any business offering location-based services through a mobile app. Sign up for a free location spoofing audit to get an estimate of how much position spoofing is happening in your application.

About Incognia

Incognia is a privacy-focused location identity company that provides frictionless mobile identity and authentication solutions for fraud prevention, trust and security. Deployed on over 200 million devices, Incognia provides a highly accurate risk signal with extremely low false positive rates to businesses in banking, fintech, delivery, social media, gaming and mobile commerce, to reduce fraud losses, increase mobile revenue and support user trust and security. Incognia’s award-winning technology uses location cues and motion sensors to silently recognize trusted users based on their unique behavior patterns and is a key enabler for zero-factor authentication.

Incognia is privately held and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with teams in New York and Brazil.

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1 McKinsey – Ordering in the rapid evolution of food delivery

2 Location spoofing Incognia insights January – June 2022. Multiple accounts Incognia Insights May – July 2022

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