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How to Use Google Play Apps Without Installing Them

Google has released improvements, bug fixes, and new July 2022 feature details for Google Play system updates. These updates are made to different parts of the Android device ecosystem, including the Google Play Store, and aim to improve the overall user experience.

According to the information, the July 2022 Google Play system updates bring significant improvements to the account management section. Under this, Google has made further changes to the appearance of section headers in the Data & Privacy tab of Google Account settings. New APIs have been added so developers can create better cross-device user experiences.

Coming to the Play Store, Google has made improvements and optimizations to the Play Store from the June 2022 updates (read more) and continues to sow them more. These are made to Play as you download feature, app discoveries, faster download and install section, play pass and play points programs and Google Play billing improvements . On the other hand, it has improvements for Play Protect.

However, a change has been made to the support section of the phone, which now includes the option to filter the data plans available for purchase by different categories from the network operator in the United States.

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One of the major updates has been drawn in the wallet section, which now inherits the latest Google Material design scheme and Google has renamed the wallet to “Google Wallet”. The latest design will allow the app to shine better in Android 12 or later versions.

According to Google, these changes in the Android ecosystem were released with the following apps and services on the following dates of their rollout.

  • Via Google Play Services v22.22 on 07/11/2022
  • Via Google Play Store v31.1 on 07/11/2022.
  • Via Google Play Services v22.24 on 07/11/2022.
  • Via Google Play Services v22.26 on 07/11/2022.

System updates:

Google system updates give your Android device a better user experience and add new features and optimizations while fixing various bugs. These updates are rolled out monthly to phones, tablets, Android TV and Google TV, Android Auto, Wear OS, and Chrome devices.

Check out the full July 2022 Google Play System Update Notes below.

Account management

  • [Phone] Section headers in the Data & Privacy tab of Google Account settings have a new look.

Device Connectivity

  • [Phone] API for developers to create seamless cross-device experiences.

Google Play Store

  • Play-as-you-download enhancements to allow gamers to start playing mobile games while the app download continues to reduce wait times.
  • New features to help you discover the apps and games you love.
  • Optimizations allow for faster and more reliable download and installation.
  • New features of the Play Pass and Play Points programs.
  • Google Play billing improvements.
  • Ongoing improvements to Play Protect to protect your device.
  • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and security, stability, and accessibility improvements.


  • [Phone] Provide the ability to filter data plans available for purchase by different categories received from the carrier.


  • [Phone] Updates user experience with latest Google Material design, rebrands as “Google Wallet”.

Developer Services

  • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support Maps-related developer services in their apps.

(via – 9to5Google, source – Google)