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How To Stop Android Apps From Using Data In The Background 2022 Tip

This tutorial is about how to prevent Android apps from using data in the background. We will do our best for you to understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to Stop Android Apps from Using Data in the Background. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check how to prevent Android apps from using background data

For someone like me who doesn’t want apps to scan and share my data in the background, I always turn off background data usage. It not only saves your Android smartphone’s data and battery, but also ensures apps don’t do suspicious things in the background. Once here, tap on “Mobile data and Wi-Fi” and turn off the switch next to “Background data”. This prevents the app from sending or receiving data in the background. However, keep in mind that the app can still use data when open. Mobile apps with their rich functionality provide smartphone users with an enjoyable experience.

These software are of various types including game apps, photo editors, video editors, social media messengers, educational apps, music players, etc. You can also turn off background data usage for apps that quickly drain your internet plan. You can also open Settings -> Apps & notifications and go to “Show all apps” to find the list of all apps installed on your Android phone. Now open the app for which you want to disable background data usage. You will be taken directly to the app info page for that particular app.

How to block an app from using mobile data on an Android device

Users looking for ways to reduce their internet data usage often ask, “Can I block an app from using mobile data?” Here are the steps to restrict background data on your Android:

  • Open your phone menu and scroll down to Settings
  • Launch the Settings app > Network & Internet > Data Usage
  • On some phones or versions of Android OS, the address is Settings > SIM card & mobile network > Data settings & data usage
  • At the top of this page, the amount of data used will be displayed
  • On some smartphone models or Android OS versions, the app data usage section is on this page with the app using the most data for that day first.
  • In others, you’ll need to tap App data usage to check the specific amount of data each app has recently used.
  • Check the list, scrolling down if necessary, to see which mobile app is using the most data
  • Typical apps that do this are YouTube, Chrome browser, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • When you find the software, tap the app > mobile data and Wi-Fi
  • Disable background internet data usage for this app by turning off background data

Final Words: How to Stop Android Apps from Using Background Data

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