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How to Sideload Apps on Chromecast 2022 Tip

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Check how to download apps on Chromecast

Google’s latest Chromecast dongle has a lot to offer, including compatibility with a growing number of apps. Even though the device is made by Google, you won’t find all Android apps, only those that have been licensed and optimized for big screen use. Here’s how to add more apps and games to your device. If you are unfamiliar with the notion of trial installation or installing programs that are not available through the official App Store, it is important to understand that you do so at your own risk. You’re bypassing typical Google security precautions whether you’re downloading apps to your phone or using a Chromecast adapter. Stick to APK (Android Application Package) libraries you can trust. It should be fine if you’re using APKMirror, but there’s always a chance something could go wrong.

How to Download Apps to Chromecast

Download the APK you want to download

Using your phone or computer, download the APK installer file of the app you want to download. APKs are like EXEs for Windows, if you’re familiar. A great source for these is APKMirror, but you can always check an app’s website for a manual download. If you just want to try something for now, we recommend downloading Droid Hardware Info and Google Chrome first. After downloading these apps, you can install future apps without needing a computer or phone. If this is a phone app you want to download and you have an Android phone, you can install the app on your phone first, then use APK Extractor to get the APK installer file for it. application.

Download file Commander

On your Chromecast with Google TV, install File Commander. If you are unfamiliar with installing apps, follow this guide.

Enable cloud storage integration

Now open the File Commander app and on the initial home page, select “Cloud”, then follow the prompts to add a cloud storage account to File Explorer. We recommend using Google Drive because you already have a Google account (Chromecast requires you to sign in to one) and it comes with plenty of free storage.

unlock developer mode

To install an app outside of the Play Store, you must first enable Developer Mode. Scroll down to your profile picture and click on it to find out the Settings app shortcut, then click on it. In Settings, go to “System”, then to “About”. Under About, scroll down and select “Android TV OS Build”. Keep clicking repeatedly until the toast message says “You are now a developer!” Congratulations on your new professional career.

Enable ‘Unknown Sources’

Return to the main settings page, then scroll down and select “Apps”. On the Apps page, scroll down and select Security and Restrictions. Under Security and restrictions, select Unknown sources. Here you will find the File Commander app as a potential source. Click on it, and after heeding the warning on the page, toggle the switch to blue to allow it to install unknown apps.

Upload the APK to your cloud storage service

You will now need to take the APK file you are trying to transfer and upload it to your cloud storage account. If you’ve opted for Google Drive, open the app on your phone (Android | iOS) or go to the web version on your desktop browser and move the APK files to “My Drive”. You can also use the PC File Transfer Protocol to transfer an APK from your smartphone or computer to the Chromecast. File Commander will provide you with a web address that you can access on your smartphone or computer, and you can download the file directly through your browser.

Sideloading apps

Now open File Commander and navigate to the cloud or device location of the APK file. Select the file and choose “Install”. When the “Open” and “Done” buttons appear, the application is installed.

Launch the sideload application

After installation, you can click “Open” to immediately launch the application. Otherwise, it may appear next to your other apps on the For You or Apps pages. Otherwise, go to Settings -> Applications, then select the application from the list and choose “Open”. Alternatively, you can use an app called Sideload Launcher which can be installed by searching the Play Store on your Android TV. Some applications that were not designed for use on a TV may require the use of a mouse. Since the new Chromecast only has a USB port, we recommend using a Bluetooth mouse.

Load future applications

If you chose to transfer both apps in step 1, the process will be much easier in the future. Use the Droid hardware information to find the processor architecture of your TV or set-top box. This information can be found in the System tab, labeled “Instruction Sets”. With this information, use Chrome to access third-party app stores. Find the app you’re looking for, making sure to download the variant with the same architecture as your TV. Download the app, then use File Commander to open the APK file (usually located under “Downloads”) to download it as you did before. For those who want to use APKMirror, most of the apps they host will now be delivered as packages and will use a new file format (.apkm). To install these apps, you must first download the APKMIrror Installer app. Check out our tutorial (link below) on how to use this installer.

Final Words: How to Cast Apps to Chromecast

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