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How to Login to iPhone Apps with Saved Passwords from Chrome

Google Chrome can save passwords and login information so users don’t have to, and now it can be used to log into other apps on the iPhone.

iPhone users who prefer to save their passwords in the Google Chrome The browser can now autofill those saved passwords for other apps, and it’s pretty easy to use after it’s set up. Apple has its own password manager built into iPhone software that connects to iCloud, allowing users to sync their passwords across corporate devices. It’s a handy way to manage passwords, but there are a few reasons why someone might want to use Chrome as a password manager. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, and desktop users probably already have plenty of saved passwords. Now these saved passwords can be used to easily log into other applications.


Before this feature was possible on iOS, there were other workarounds that allowed users to enter saved passwords into Chrome for other apps. First, in the Chrome app, any loaded website can be automatically logged in using a password saved to a user’s Google account. For other applications, Chrome could be used as a traditional password manager. On Chrome desktop and mobile apps, users can view their saved login credentials and use those keys to sign in to other sites and apps. It’s not as convenient as autofill, but it was a better alternative than remembering every password. Since Chrome now supports autofill on iPhone, the process is even easier.

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It’s important to understand how to save passwords in Chrome’s password manager before setting up autofill on iPhone. Every time a website is loaded and logged in, Google Chrome prompts the user to save the password on all their devices. To save a password in Chrome’s password manager, just type ‘to safeguard‘ when the prompt appears. However, it is also possible to save a password in Chrome without logging into a website. After opening the Google Chrome app, tap the “…” icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select the Settings gear icon. Faucet ‘Passwords‘ and select ‘To add‘ at the bottom left of the screen. Next, enter the website, username, and password to save the information in Google Chrome. Any password saved in Chrome can be accessed in iOS, after following the steps below.

Configure Google Chrome Autofill on iOS

Google Chrome iPhone app

To sign in to other apps using a saved password in Chrome, users must enable this feature in iPhone settings. Open Settings app on iPhone and go to ‘Passwords‘ tab. Unlock iPhone using either biometric or password, revealing the full ‘Passwords‘. Select ‘Autofill passwords,’ and make sure the toggle is on. Then select ‘Chromium‘ from the options below and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the autofill setup. After completing these steps, it will be possible to view and autofill saved passwords from Chrome in iOS.

Logging into other apps with Chrome’s passwords won’t be as simple as native iCloud passwords, but it’s still easy enough. After navigating to the app or website a user wants to log in to, select the username or password field to open the keyboard. Just above the iPhone keyboard, there will be a bar displaying all saved passwords for the app and a key icon. To view saved passwords with Chrome, tap the key icon and follow the instructions to unlock iPhone. Next, select the correct username and password combination, and it will be used to automatically log in to the app or website. For users who already have a ton of passwords saved with Google Chromethe ability to autofill saved passwords on iOS is a handy time saver.

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