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How to delete connected apps in Google Drive

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Check how to delete connected apps in Google Drive

There are a lot of apps that masquerade as free when you actually have to pay to access the most basic functions. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to remove as removing an extension from Chrome. Removing apps connected to Google Drive requires some effort, especially since some of them are also integrated into Chrome. Besides, these apps are given different permissions, so you should also check your Google account for persistent access issues.

The option to disconnect an app from Google Drive isn’t immediately visible, which means you’ll have to dive into the settings panel. While you can just disconnect an app from Google Drive and leave it at that, some apps, but not all, will still appear on the app’s home screen in Chrome. Although the web browser no longer makes sense of the app launcher, you don’t want to have unnecessary app icons lying around if you still use it regularly.

Using a cloud storage service like Google Drive has many advantages, such as: B. Easier file sharing and a remote location to back up your files. But compared to competitors like DropBox and Apple’s iCloud service, Google Drive’s popularity hinges on helpful collaboration tools and built-in integrations with Google’s suite of products and services.

Method to delete connected apps on Google Drive

  • Open your web browser (like Chrome browser) and go to Google Drive.
  • Now click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, click Settings.
  • Now click on Manage Apps and then find the app you want to disconnect.
  • Click on the associated “options” drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, click Disconnect from drive.
  • After that, click on the Disconnect button.

Final words: How to delete connected apps in Google Drive

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