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Google’s updates to its iOS apps are leaving Android users jealous

Google has updated a few iPhone and iPad apps, and the improvements are better than what’s currently available on Android phones and tablets.

google announced a handful of new features for the iOS/iPadOS version of its apps, and they’re better in comparison than what’s available on Android. Several Google apps are available on iOS such as Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Maps, Gboard and even Google Assistant. On the other hand, Apple has only three Android apps, one of which is a tool to transfer your data from Android to iPhone or iPad.

There are millions of apps available for Android tablets, but only a small portion of them are designed to make the most of the big screen on a tablet or foldable. Several of Google’s own apps are guilty of this, except for apps like Gmail, which has a two-column view on large-screen devices, and YouTube, which shows recommendations or comments on the right when viewing. playing a video.


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iOS apps that get new features include Google Translate, Drive, Gmail, and Chat. The Translate app has a new widget that includes camera, chat, and transcription shortcuts, putting its main features right at your fingertips. There is also a bar at the top with icons for clipboard and microphone, so users can easily paste copied text or audio that needs to be translated. In contrast, the Google Translate widget on Android is much smaller and only allows users to choose one translation tool (camera, chat, handwriting, or text).

Even the iPad gets more love from Google

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The Google Drive app gets a new XL-sized widget that makes it easier to access useful tools and files. The widget has a two-column view with a search bar and shortcuts for Priority Files, Shared Drives, and Downloads. Google says the XL widget is specifically designed for the iPad and will start rolling out soon. Three other widget sizes are available to allow users to customize the features they wish to display. The Google Drive app for Android has four different widgets and they all look the same whether the device is a smartphone or a tablet. Google is also adding a new feature to the Gmail and Chat apps that adds a sender’s profile picture to notifications from both apps. He says it should help users quickly find out who sent a mail or message. Users will also be able to choose which contacts they want to receive notifications from when Focus is enabled. These Gmail and Chat features will be available later this month.

Although Google seems to have renewed its focus on Android tablets, it doesn’t seem to be doing the same to improve the experience of its apps on tablets and foldables. The Android 12L launch is its biggest attempt to improve the Android experience on large-screen devices, but it’s unclear if there is any. google apps will gain new features to take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

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