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Google will protect Android users from unused apps

Google is making a significant change to how Play Protect works, automatically removing permissions for unused apps.

According to Statistical, 25% of applications downloaded by mobile users are only used once and never again. Unfortunately, with the sheer volume of permissions required by many apps upon installation, this can lead to significant privacy and security risks in the long run. Google is now fixing this issue with an update to Google Play Protect that will remove permissions from apps that haven’t been used for a while.

Google Play Protect is designed to protect Android devices from malicious apps and other malware. According to chrome without box, Play Protect will now also help protect devices from unused apps. Android 11 and later already had this feature, removing the capabilities of unused apps to access the camera, microphone and more for a while. With this latest update, Android 10 and earlier versions will also get the protection.

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Of course, some apps still need permission to access Android and device features. Developers can mark their apps as protected by Play Protect’s automatic cleanup feature. This will ensure that these applications do not break, no matter how much time passes between uses.

Users who want to see which of their apps will have their permissions revoked can open the Play Store, tap on their profile, and select “Play Protect.” Apps scheduled for permission removal will be listed under “Permission removal for unused apps”.