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Google Play on large screens will favor high-quality apps

Last year, Google announced that app ratings in the Play Store will be device-specific. The company is now continuing this work of improving the big-screen experience by showing high-quality apps and warning those that aren’t optimized.

On tablets, foldables, etc., Google Play will prioritize apps that meet its quality guidelines for large-screen apps:

It encompasses a holistic set of features, ranging from basic compatibility requirements such as portrait and landscape mode support, to more differentiated requirements such as keyboard and stylus capabilities.

The layout and ranking logic of Charges to Play will have a specific impact on what is recommended on the homepage and on the display of search results. The end goal is to help “users find the apps that are best optimized for their device.”

Google also said it is “deepening [its] investment in Play editorial content to highlight applications optimized for large screens. »

Meanwhile, the Play Store is updating the alerts users see when downloading low-quality apps that “do not meet basic compatibility requirements”. This is intended to “help set expectations for how apps will look and work after installation.”

This will help inform users of apps that may not work properly on their large-screen devices. We’re working to provide further communications on this change, so stay tuned for more updates later this year.

Finally, Google reiterated that “users will soon be able to see ratings and reviews broken down by device type (e.g. tablets and foldables, Chrome OS, Wear or Auto).” Developers can already preview this score in the Play Console.

The features announced today will “roll out gradually over the coming months.”

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