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Google lists its recommended third-party apps for Google Workspace

The “Recommended for Google Workspace” program identifies and promotes a number of third-party applications each year that are part of Google Workspace Marketplace, works well with proprietary Google Workspace apps and has been approved to be safe and reliable. The chosen people are presented in a separate section of the Marketplace, which distinguishes them from the competition.

This year, out of thousands of possibilities, a total of twelve third-party applications have been identified and granted this honour. Each of the chosen apps enhances the Google Workspace experience and helps turn regular users into power users. The recommended apps for 2022 are:

  • AODocs: Deeply integrated with Google Drive, AODocs ensures that critical documents are controlled and easy to find.
  • Copper: Automatically update recordings from Gmail, save and sync meetings with their contacts, and analyze data directly from Google Sheets.
  • Numeric keypad: Autofill meeting links in event invites, sync contacts, and more.
  • Document Sign: Provides fast, easy and secure electronic signature integration.
  • LumApps: Enables teams to be more productive, organized, and informed through personalized communications and seamless integrations with Google Workspace apps.
  • Mailmeteor: Allows Gmail and Google Workspace users to send personalized mass emails.
  • Mira: Seamlessly schedule engaging meetings and collaborate visually for more aligned and innovative teamwork.
  • Center Ring: Connects to Google Workspace apps and OS to simplify and accelerate existing workflows.
  • Sheetgo: Allows spreadsheet users to connect files to create powerful automation.
  • Signeasy: Allows users to easily sign, send and manage documents directly from Google Workspace.
  • Supermetric: Marketers use Supermetrics to pull data from marketing platforms directly into Google Cloud tools like Sheets, Data Studio, and BigQuery.
  • YAMM (Yet another mail merge): Customize emails in Gmail, then track real-time results and schedule follow-ups from Google Sheets.

If you are looking for a high quality app to enhance your Workspace experience and you think one of these might be useful for you, notify your organization’s workspace admin. Once enabled by the administrator, you can install any of these apps from your favorite Workspace apps — such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, and Classroom — by going to the app menu, then clicking Extensions > Additional modules, or by browsing to Enjoy your extra productivity!

Source: Google Cloud/Google Developers