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Google Fit app does not load or display connected apps or devices

Google Fit is Google’s platform focused on tracking users’ physical activity and health.

Google Fit works best on devices specifically designed to track workouts (such as wearables). However, it also allows mobile devices with certain sensors to collect information about your physical activity.

Google Fit also allows third-party apps to connect, which is great for fitness apps and services. The data collected can be synchronized between all the devices to which you have connected your Google Fit account.

However, according to several reports, the Google Fit app does not load or display connected apps or devices for some.

Connected apps or devices don’t appear in the Google Fit app

The Google Fit app functions as a hub where all devices and apps synced with Fit appear. So you can easily find out which apps are receiving information about your physical activity.

The app also lets you remove synced services and devices with just a few clicks. However, some Google Fit users are facing an issue where connected apps or devices are not appearing in the list.


Google Fit does not show connected apps.

My Google fit does not currently show connected apps. Does anyone have problems with this?

I don’t know if it’s because I installed my Samsung Gear watch and installed Samsung Health. I deleted both and still don’t see any connected apps. What can I do to solve this problem. I think it was Samsung’s health, all I did was install nothing else.

Some users report that synced apps and devices show up in the Google Fit app if you’re using a tablet.

After resetting the phone, unable to get apps to connect to Google Fit

I use Fit to track walking, and also connect my Renpho scale app and Omron BP app which have worked well in the past. The Renpho actually stopped working a while ago but as a workaround it was installed on my Android tablet which synced fine with Fit while on my phone it wouldn’t case.

Now I can’t see either app in Manage Connected Apps in Fit, it says “Couldn’t load apps or devices”.

Issue already forwarded for investigation

A Google product expert has confirmed that the issue has been forwarded. So, for the time being, affected users can only wait for further updates on the matter.

Alright, thanks everyone for checking this out. I’m officially out of ideas here, but I’ll escalate this thread to see if our community manager can look into this.

In the meantime, continue to use Menu > Help & Feedback > Send Feedback in the Fit app to report it directly to the developers. Note that you will generally not get a response to comment submissions, but the diagnostic data provided with your comments should facilitate investigation.

We will update this story as events unfold.

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