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Google Chrome Team Announces “Advanced Web Apps Fund”

Google has long been a proponent of web technologies that provide a “native app-like experience.” It has championed and developed browser features/APIs for this purpose, and Google is now launching the Advanced Web Apps Fund.

We don’t have a precise definition of “advanced applications”, but we generally consider them to be websites with an application-like interface and significant client-side functionality.

Google cites Chrome features such as File System Access, WebTransport, WebAssembly, Adobe Photoshop as a good example. Today’s tips for what Google searches include:

  • New features (for example, a replacement for WebSQL using WebAssembly).
  • Libraries and tools that make building advanced web applications easier, such as Bubblewrap enhancements and drivers supporting WebUSB.
  • Demo apps and tutorials showcasing unique or powerful use cases for advanced web apps.

Although the Chrome team has worked hard to create new features, we are only responsible for a small part of the work. Web application developers depend on countless other community members who have built a strong ecosystem of APIs, tools, demo applications, and other materials.

Google’s first approach to building more powerful web experiences in 2013 was packaged apps built with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. These Chrome apps were specifically targeted at device makers and educators. In 2016, Google discovered that “modern browsers [put] the web well positioned to meet the vast majority of use cases” and is about to permanently deprecate the previous approach with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

In terms of requirements, Google says you need an Open Collective account to apply for the Advanced Web Apps Fund. You can also nominate others “willing to accept the code changes for which you are seeking funding, as a condition of sponsorship approval.”

To apply, create a short document describing what you offer. For existing projects, you can also file a GitHub issue in your project. Then complete this submission form. There is no deadline; we will evaluate proposals on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about PWAs:

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