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Google Chrome 105 update released, web apps will now have a new look

technical information office Google typically releases an update to its Chrome web browser every four weeks. Earlier this month, the company rolled out the Chrome 104 update and now the Chrome 105 update is also timely. In the previous version, the company added features like privacy sandbox, multi-window feature, full-screen view and region capture. Now, with the new update, more changes have been made to the browser. Many features present in the new version of Google Chrome make it easier for the users. Let’s see what’s special in Chrome 105. PiP for Android: Google has long launched a picture-in-picture (PiP) API for Chrome desktop users. With it, users will be able to view specific information or videos in a small floating window above the main window. This feature will now launch in the Android version of Chrome. The PiP API will work for video assets on devices running Android 11 or later.

Web app overlays: In the new version of Chrome, Google is introducing an overlay system for web apps. It allows developers to add controls of their choice to the top of their web applications. This feature was found in native apps for Windows and macOS, but now with Google Chrome 105 it will also be available for web apps. Developers will be able to add any UI element to the top of their web applications, from a search bar to an icon or status information. Custom Highlight API: To search for anything on any website in Google Chrome, users directly use the Ctrl+F command. But now it’s about to get better in Chrome 105. Google is adding a new custom Highlights API to its desktop web browser. This will allow developers to decide how the Chrome search overlay will appear on their website. There are currently a number of extensions that highlight search text, but a new feature in Google Chrome will make it even easier for developers. Changes for developers: Google Chrome 105 brings several changes for developers. A new top layer badge has been added to the Elements panel in DevTools, making it easier to log bugs and improve performance information. Google has given information about all these changes on its developer site.