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Google blocked 1.2 million privacy-violating apps from the Play Store last year

In a recent blog post, Google said it made a number of privacy-focused improvements last year to better protect users from harmful apps.

The search engine giant banned the publication of 1.2 million policy-violating apps on Google Play in 2021, saving billions in harmful installs.

More than 190,000 accounts were banned in 2021 thanks to Google’s efforts to stop fraudulent and spammy developers.

Additionally, the company has closed approximately 500,000 inactive or abandoned developer accounts.

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“Delivering a secure experience to billions of users continues to be one of Google Play’s top priorities,” the team said.

Google unveiled its data security section in May, which works similarly to Apple’s privacy “nutrition labels,” allowing developers to provide customers with information about their apps’ privacy and security directly to from their app listings on Google Play.

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It was made available to users earlier this week, and developers must submit essential information in this part for their apps by July 20.

One of Google’s efforts to help users understand what data they share with app developers and for what purposes is the Data Security section.

However, since the developers are responsible for disclosing data access information, there may be instances of inaccurate information.