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Google Apps will now warn you about potentially dangerous files

In January, Google deployed warning banners for potentially malicious or dangerous files in Google Drive. This became a necessity after several scams emerged that used Google Docs or Google Sheets files to spread abusive content. Google is now extending this same functionality to Google Apps files opened directly and not necessarily through Google Drive.

Just as it worked with Google Drive, when you directly open a potentially malicious Google Doc, Sheets or Slides file, you will see a large yellow banner at the top let you know. This is useful for those who don’t necessarily have Google Drive open when accessing files, but can simply click the share link directly from Gmail or navigate to the main page of the individual Google app, such as docs., , and

This file looks suspicious. It could be used to steal your personal information

Warning banners in Google Drive

The feature is being rolled out to all Google Workspace customers, former G Suite Basic and Business customers, but it will take about 15 days for full feature visibility. There is no admin or end-user control, as the feature will work automatically. I think this is a step in the right direction to protect users from opening files designed to steal your information and trick you into a scam.