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Google apps want to participate in iOS 16 lock screen widgets and we’re not jealous or anything at all

Widgets of all shapes and sizes are coming soon

iOS 16 goes live today and for many iPhone users, it’s all about the lock screen: fonts, colors, object-layer relationships – all to bring personalization and personality to a place that really matters. on the phone. It’s something device owners will see dozens, if not hundreds of times a day, perhaps catching the eyes of those nearby. A major part of the lock screen tuning formula that Apple uses here is widgets and you can bet it contains APIs that app makers can use. With many users and a limited workspace, Google argues for the use of its widgets.


The company offers a mix of widgets revolving around its search engine services, including Search – either in the traditional “text box” flavor that takes up two of the four available slots, or the one-slot voice query button – Lens, Translate, Google Shopping, and Google Scholar (the latter are one-slot widgets).

Other Google applications also receive widgets. Chrome has its own set of four widgets: one to open the browser, another to open a voice search, the third for an Incognito mode tab, and the last lets users crack the Dino game Easter egg. Drive has a four-slot widget that shows followed and suggested files. Google Maps has two-location widgets for instant navigation to your home, work, or other points of interest. Widget buttons include searches for cafes, restaurants, shops, and hotels. Gmail offers one-, two-, and four-place options for users to track their inboxes. Finally, Google News has a two-slot spot for a headline.

Google says it will be a few weeks before these widgets go live, but users should download its apps to prepare. In the meantime, while we expect some Android makers to add dynamic island to their software skins, we would like to remind them that we would like to see lock screen widgets before you try this bullshit on us , Okay ? Don’t make us install any (well-designed) third-party app.