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Free Twitter apps to save and bookmark your favorite tweets [2022]

Twitter is a social media platform where we learn to read other people’s perspectives and views on different realities.

It’s also a place for good entertainment and home to great memes and epic montages. With this, many of us have gotten into the habit of bookmarking the tweets that are memorable to us to save and review them.

There is a free bookmark feature on Twitter. You just open the app, tap the bookmark icon, and away you go. It is now registered.

However, if you want to organize and organize the tweets you’ve tagged, users will need to be subscribed to Twitter Blue to use this feature and more.

Twitter Blue doesn’t just come with a bookmark organizing feature, but includes many more. However, some people do not choose to pay a monthly amount for the subscription. With that comes other third-party software developers.

Some apps require you to use a different app or plugin, while others allow you to tag tweets from Twitter.

They’re all free and offer a wide variety of ways to organize and save tweets. Here are some of the most reliable apps to help you save and tag tweets in the most organized way possible.


MarkFolder is a free Twitter bookmark extension.

If you’re someone who usually browses Twitter on the web, MarkFolder might be the most suitable software for you.

It is an easy to use and navigate Twitter bookmark extension. MarkFolder lets you create folders for your saved tweets with grid view and optional list view.

This handy addition, which sits in the toolbar, lets you instantly save tweets to various folders. It is one of the most useful apps to improve Twitter apart from Twitter Blue.

You can also make a folder public and share the URL with other users, allowing anyone to see a collection of tweets you’ve saved.

A great selling point for this product is the ability to access Twitter bookmarks while you’re on your mobile device.

MarkFolder is a free browser extension that marks your tweets and is available for Chrome and Firefox.

This extension is usually free. However, there is also a subscription offer, an affordable pro feature that costs around $3 per month, adds lots of features, and unlocks the limitations of the free version.

Make it slide

SlideIt is another free Twitter bookmark software that can be used as a substitute for Twitter Blue subscription.

As recommended by MUO, SlideIt is an extension that works in a unique way and targets a niche market of users. This software would be suitable for people who use project management software like Notion.

SlideIt will be a suitable extension for Notion users. You can directly save the tweets you’ve bookmarked to a database page in Notion.

To use it, you need to login to SlideIt with your Twitter account and duplicate the Notion template that has been provided.

There are a few steps to setup, but everything is easy to understand and demonstrated in a training video available on the website. You can save a tweet by replying to it, tagging @heyslideit in the message and writing the word “Notion”.

In each saved tweet, Notion will display four types of information, the tweet, the username of the original tweet, the date you saved it, and the hashtag you added.

Notion users know how well data can be organized in the software. It also has a reliable search function that you can rely on to find the tweets you need.

This free Twitter bookmark is freely available on the web. Both SlideIt and Notion have amazing freeware versions.

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Finally, another reliable and free Twitter bookmark software is Tweetflick.

This software is a full-fledged Twitter bookmark manager. Tweetflick will let you save individual tweets and also save and bookmark an entire Twitter thread.

When saving a single tweet, you can simply reply to any tweet with “@tweetflick save”, while you can reply to “@tweetflick thread” to save the thread.

Using this strategy eliminates the need to scroll through each tweet in that thread, which is a huge time saver.

When you log into your Tweetflick dashboard, you’ll see a variety of different organizing and sorting options for your saved tweets. You have the option to add comments and tags to each tweet, which makes it simpler and easier to remember in the future.

Just like MarkFolder, Tweetflick also has a free and paid version. You can only store 50 tweets in the free edition of Tweetflick, and you’re only allowed 16 tags and two collections.

The paid subscription for Tweetflick costs $5 per month, removes all limitations, and sends you a weekly digest of tweets you’ve saved.

When you install the extension on your Chrome browser, a Tweetflick icon appears on Twitter that you can use as a shortcut to click on when you want to tag a tweet.

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