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Best Watch faces apps for Chrome OS of May 2022

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Table of Contents: Best Watch Faces Apps for Chrome OS

Whether you recently bought a new Wear OS watch or just want to upgrade an older device, there are plenty of options to suit your style. Like Android, Wear OS is quite customizable and has an active, albeit small, community. Although Google isn’t focusing on Wear OS right now, the developers are developing some cool watch faces for the platform. The good thing is that Google has already done the work for the developers, so they can easily change the home screen with new widgets, ambient modes and more.

When choosing the right watch face, you should stick to the important aspects. If you want all stats to be displayed, you should look for an option that has lots of information that can be displayed with widgets on the watch face. If you want your smartwatch to look more like a traditional watch, you can opt for a classic aesthetic like an analog watch that also has a technical feel.

Here is the list of best clock face apps for Chrome OS

to confront

Facer is one of the most popular apps for your smart watch with custom and branded watch faces. There are thousands of ready-made watch faces available on this platform that you can use for your Wear OS powered smartwatch. You can browse a selection of over 15,000 watch faces and choose a few and add them to your library. The app features watch faces designed to look like some of the best watch brands as well as popular TV shows and movies.

The app is free to download and some clock faces are also available for free. Although most of the clock faces are free, some belong to the premium collection and you will need to make in-app purchases to access a huge library of premium clock faces. There is also a DIY mod available on the web platform which allows you to modify any watch face or even create your own watch face.

Facer watch faces

If you are someone who likes to change watch faces every day and want a large collection of watch faces, then Facer is the app you need. It has a long list of watch faces from countless categories, both free and paid, and you can also customize them to your liking.

However, if you want an incredible variety of faces for a Wear OS watch, Facer will take you straight home. In case you want more, Little Labs, the developer of Facer, has a ton of apps for different styles of watch faces. You can click here and explore them from the developer page.

black pout

Pujie Black has been around for a long time and it shows. Like Facer, Pujie Black is a watch face design platform rather than a single watch face. Functionally, it resembles widget designers found on Android phones. Pujie Black users have virtually limitless options for fonts, colors, complications, and backgrounds.

You can even create your own clock hands or add text. If you are one of those who love details, the combinations are practically endless. If you want a face that stays focused on fitness tracking, easily add relevant widget shortcuts. If you want a stylish smartwatch to wear in the office, Pujie Black has options for you as well. For a unique watch dial specified exactly to your liking.

Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher

Give your Wear OS smartwatch a little Apple Watch makeover with this bubble-based watch face: your app shortcuts turn into little floating circles, and you can customize the interface in lots of different ways.

Applications can also be organized into folders, if needed. If you like using Google’s new tiles (widgets), you can also add bubbles to the tiles to bundle more functionality on one screen.

PhotoWear watch face

PhotoWear Watch Face uses your favorite images as your watch face. Choose an image or create a photo grid with up to nine shots. The app pulls your photo options from your camera roll or your most recent Instagram uploads. The app has some image editing features for photo customization including crop, contrast and brightness tools.

It also has a variety of image filters to play with, so you can give all your photos a specific look or customize one. PhotoWear Watch Face is free to download and use, and there is a paid pro version that unlocks more customization options.

ultra watch face

Ultra is simple, yet fun and interactive. The free version comes with informative and customizable features such as: screen time, weather, 24-hour format, clock and phone battery status, and clock hands color. ‘clock.

The premium version really adds a lot, including: an interactive menu, background texture options, music player, app shortcuts, animations, and more. These features might seem overwhelming, but the Ultra pulls it off, and it still feels like clockwork.


One of the dreams fulfilled by smartwatches is the ability to wear the same watches that our TV heroes wore. The KnightRider watch face appeals to this desire.

Michael Knight’s watch might not be a pretty thing, but regardless, it’s the watch he wore in the Knight Rider series. Unfortunately, you cannot communicate with a supercar. For that, we must continue to dream.


Wear Tiles tries to make typing messages on a watch not only doable but also fun. Ok, I’m lying about the second part, but it seems doable. The letters are divided into blocks and you use clues to help you pronounce the words. You can then provide a number or contact to send an SMS.

Wear 5-TILES is a smartwatch texting app that allows Android Wear users to send messages from their smartwatch using its unique and intuitive keyboard designed specifically for touchscreens.

Google setting

You may know Google Fit as a health tracking app, but it also has a lot of benefits. Google Fit offers custom tiles, watch faces and, of course, health tracking for your Wear OS watch. If you love Apple Watch health rings, you will absolutely enjoy using the Google Fit watch face. You need to install Google Fit on your watch, then you can also get the health rings on your Android Wear watch.

After installation, long press the watch face and swipe left or right to find the Google Fit watch face. Now just tap on it to make Google Fit your default watch face. The best part is that you can also add two widgets on the watch face by tapping the gear icon.

Minimal pixel watch face

Rumor has it that the highly anticipated Pixel Watch is finally on the way. In the meantime, this pixel-themed watch face might just be the solution you need. Clean and modern with plenty of features, the Pixel Minimal Watch Face features a battery-efficient design inspired by its namesake device.

If you opt for the premium version, you can also unlock the watch face weather display along with four widgets to better serve your frequently used features. These can highlight data points such as heart rate, step count, etc. Reconfigure widgets and customize accent colors, choose from multiple layouts, and keep the basics handy.

Final Words: The Best Watch Faces Apps for Chrome OS

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