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Best Sports Betting Apps – Forbes Betting

No bookmaker is the best. It all depends on the user experience, and each user has a different experience.

The truth is that there are plenty of sports betting apps worth looking into. You will find your favorite app(s) by trying out different options and determining which one best suits your betting habits and preferences.

The bottom line is that the “best” sportsbook can depend on many factors, including the state you live in (or can most reasonably visit), promotions, and market depth. That said, the sports betting landscape has clear forerunners when it comes to mobile apps.

FanDuel Sports Betting

Any experienced sports bettor will list FanDuel among their favorite sports betting apps, and for good reason.

To start, after registration, FanDuel offers customers a “no sweat” first bet up to $1,000. Sports betting allows you to place a bet up to $1,000. If the bet wins, you normally receive your winnings in your account. If he loses? You get the money back in the form of credits, which you can use to make subsequent bets.

FanDuel’s app is a top choice for any type of bettor, but especially for newcomers, due to the seamless navigation. The interface on the home screen allows jumping directly to a specific sport or league.

Sometimes you don’t even need to click on a specific sport because the top games/events of the day are prominently displayed on the homepage. (For example, on a Wednesday in July, the home screen was populated with several MLB games.)

FanDuel also has one of the best market depths. You can find countless player accessories in any sport. Additionally, FanDuel has one of the most robust same-game betting features of any legal sportsbook. If you’re feeling spicy, you can even combine multiple bets from the same game into one mega bet with astronomical odds.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the few sportsbooks that can rival FanDuel in terms of ease of use and popularity. In fact, the two operators are often mentioned in the same breath as they have been fierce rivals since the early days of daily fantasy sports.

DraftKings is live in nearly every legal US market, making it a clear choice for punters across the country. That’s all well and good, but DraftKings seals the deal with a streamlined app and great user experience.

New DraftKings users get $50 free with $5, plus a 20% first deposit bonus up to $1,000. Of course, to take full advantage of this latest offer, you need to deposit the colossal sum of $5,000 (because 20% of $5,000 equals $1,000). Don’t worry, though, the bonus ladders meaning if you deposit $100 you’ll get $20 in free bets. For this reason, DraftKings is suitable for new users as well as high rollers.

For all of this, DraftKings is hard to beat. It covers all the biggest sports in the world, including every professional league you can think of. Top it all off with international favorites such as rugby, cricket and darts, and you have an option-packed sports betting experience.

BetMGM Sports Betting

BetMGM is the self-proclaimed ‘King of Sports Betting’, and there’s no denying that its platform backs that slogan. BetMGM is there with FanDuel and DraftKings as one of the largest sportsbooks in the United States, as it operates in most of the 21 legal markets in the country.

BetMGM’s greatest strength is market depth. It has lines and odds that rival, if not beat, all of its competitors. In fact, the bookmaker is often not afraid to “take a stand” on a game or event, providing value on a particular side of a bet that you won’t find elsewhere.

Another awesome feature of the BetMGM app: if you like watching sports on the go and tracking your bets, you can stream a wide variety of events straight from the app. This is a feature that other sportsbooks do not offer on the same scale.

Like FanDuel, customers who open a BetMGM account receive a risk-free first bet of $1,000. Use it to get a feel for the app or make a risky bet, and you’ll get the money back in betting credits if you lose.

From a user perspective, BetMGM works seamlessly. It is quick to load and its menus are intuitive. You will be able to find your desired bet in seconds when using the BetMGM app.

Caesars Sportsbook

You may have seen comedians and actors JB Smoove and Patton Oswalt portray the Caesars brand on billboards, internet ads or TV commercials. Caesars has the cash to advertise en masse, and the app backs up its empire-size claims.

Caesars beats some of its main competitors with its sign-up bonus: a risk-free first bet of $1,500. In terms of profit potential, this is one of the best bonuses in all of online sports betting.

Beyond its generous new user bonus, Caesars has a lot to offer: competitive odds, incredible depth, and a fast-loading app.

The biggest differentiator for Caesars, in our opinion, is the Caesars Rewards program. If you live in a state with a Caesars Casino (or Caesars Online Casino), you can earn rewards through sports betting and other Caesars properties in your market.

Caesars also offers great rotating promotions and odds boosts. In fact, it often offers more promotions/boosts at any given time than most of its competitors. So if you are a punter looking to increase your bankroll as much as possible, this is the app for you.

PointsBet Sports Betting

PointsBet has skyrocketed from humble beginnings in Australia to become one of the most popular sports betting apps in the United States.

The PointsBet interface is sleek and simple, making it easy to find your favorite sport. You can use the search function to find a specific team or game, scroll through the side menu that lists all available sports, or browse the home screen for matches in progress.

The PointsBet new user bonus offers two risk-free bets totaling up to $2,000. The first part of the bonus is a $500 risk-free fixed odds bet (i.e. a traditional single bet bet). The second part is a risk-free points bet up to $1,500.

What is “points betting”? It’s one of the many features that sets PointsBet apart from the competition – a unique type of bet that pays more (or loses more) based on the margin of victory or loss in a game. It is high risk and high reward, making it an ideal choice for punters who have a little extra “bet” in them.

Don’t see your desired bet on the PointsBet app? This is where things get really cool: you can use the ‘Name your bet’ feature and request the bet you want to make. PointsBet will then ask their sales team to determine the odds for your requested bet, at which point you can decide if it is worth betting.

To our knowledge, no other US bookmaker allows customers to request their own bet.

BetRivers Sports Betting

New BetRivers users get a 100% deposit match up to $250. That might not seem like a lot, but a look at the fine print reveals that BetRivers’ bonus is one of the best in the industry. BetRviers requires only one play on this bonus meaning you will get the full bet credit after betting once on your initial deposit.

In other sportsbooks, wagering requirements can reach 5x, 10x or more. The BetRivers bonus is ideal for new and/or casual bettors who don’t want to break the bank trying to earn bonus credit.

Beyond solid promotion, BetRivers has all the attributes of a solid bookmaker. It offers all the basic betting markets, competitive odds and ongoing promotions.

BetRivers ticks all the boxes for a user-friendly sports betting app: a great interface, fast loading, intuitive betting and available for almost any sport you can imagine.

Illustrated sports betting

Turns out it’s not just a magazine anymore. Sports Illustrated has moved from the page to your phone with the launch of its Colorado sportsbook. Later, he also settled in Virginia.

This limited availability is the only big knock against Sports Illustrated sportsbook. If you live in Colorado or Virginia (or just visiting), it offers one of the best online sports betting options.

Sports Illustrated offers a “Bet and Get” bonus in each of the states in which it operates. In Colorado, a $10 bet nets you $60 in free bets. In Virginia, betting $20 unlocks $100 in free bets. The problem? You must win the original bet to get the bonus credit. It’s an original offer but a good option for new bettors who are confident in their first bet.

When you’re in Colorado and/or Virginia, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is a go-to store if you’re looking for the best odds. He won’t always have the best lines or the best payouts, but sometimes he does. That’s reason enough to add it to your list.

As for the app, well… it leaves a bit to be desired, but overall it works well. You can find sports with just a few clicks on the screen, and placing a bet is quite easy. But Sports Illustrated doesn’t have the years of sports betting experience to match some of its competitors, so it’s understandable that the app is a bit under development.


The hardest thing about using WynnBET is figuring out which letters of the name should be capitalized. Frankly, that’s the only negative, because everything else at WynnBET is a breeze.

When you join WynnBET, deposit $10 or more, then bet $10 or more on a match with odds of -120 or more, you will automatically get $200 in site credits. Bet and Get bonuses are rare, so WynnBET’s offering is solid if you like the bonus format.

After registering and funding your account, WynnBET makes it easy. Not only are the odds for many sports easy to find, but these odds are often among the best in the industry from a bettor’s perspective. So if you’re an online shopper – and we recommend you are – adding the WynnBET app (if applicable) to your sports betting arsenal is a must.

If you are looking for extra features and functionality, you may be better served with another bookmaker. But most punters will find WynnBET gets the job done.