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Best FireStick Remote Apps of May 2022

This list is about the best FireStick Remote apps. We will do our best for you to understand this Best FireStick Remote Apps list. I hope you like this list Best FireStick Remote Apps. So let’s start:

About the Best FireStick Remote Apps

Firestick remotes are a digital version of cable TV. By connecting these Firestick devices to your TV via the HDMI port and downloading apps like Netflix, Spotify, etc., you can enjoy the media services provided by these apps directly on your TV without any hassle. With this device you do not need a cable connection. On the other hand, Firestick Remote apps are just the mobile version of these remote devices. Apps are used when you lose your remote or the battery is empty. Then you can enjoy the media services provided by these apps right on your TV. This device is more or less a cable replacement.

The two benefits that we can suggest of using the Fire TV Stick remote app is fear of losing the remote, and the second is the broken remote. As soon as the physical remote stops working, you can have a Fire TV device at your fingertips. With the Fire TV remote app, you can cast YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other Fire TV devices on your remote app. The basic operation of the Firestick is to connect it to your TV via the HDMI port, then install specific apps that interest you, such as Netflix (for movie buffs) and Spotify (for music).

Here is the list of best firestick remote apps

Amazon Fire TV Remote

The official Amazon app is available in Android and iOS versions. So, everyone can enjoy their services without any hassle. Since this is the official remote app from Amazon, we can trust it. It may happen that you have lost your Amazon Firestick. It can create a time hurdle in your entertainment. To handle these eventualities, Amazon introduced its FireTV remote app so you can easily control your Firestick device with your smartphone. Just download the app and have fun.

The use is also very simple; requires signing in with the same account you use on your FireTV. Once the connection is complete, all TVs associated with this account will now appear in the list, choose the TV you want to use. It will give you easy commands to move from place to place. Instead, you’ll get a Keyboard option right in the app to search for anything.

Cetus Play remote control

CetusPlay has a user-friendly interface and makes it easy to navigate and use. It is free from language barriers as it supports multiple languages. CeTusPlay supports various mods like Mouse Mod, to use the apps that support mouse cursor, Touchpad mode to easily navigate from one place to another. The third is the keyboard, to type anything and search FireTV easily.

It is widely accepted due to its various functions and capabilities. Although the app has volume keys, if you’re using the Fire TV Stick lite, they don’t work because the Firestick lite itself has no control over your TV settings. It supports different controller modes including Gamepad which makes gaming on Fire TV much more enjoyable. It has the ability to open apps instantly.

remote core

This is another great app to control your Firestick device, though it is limited to Kodi app only. For people who are big fans of the services offered by the Kodi media app, the Kore remote app is really helpful. With Kore, you have everything in your hands and can easily use it to browse your favorite shows. Directly watch what is broadcast on TV, change playback and download subtitles from the phone.

It cannot be used to control any other application apart from Kodi. Great library browsing capability and multilingual support are two of its many impressive features. In this, you will have a variety of color themes to choose from. A useful tool to control your firestick device. It is not compatible with the Alexa voice assistant and can be used with play buttons. You can also change colors remotely and download some pre-made themes.

distance harmony

Harmony is a single app that can be used for multiple functions as it can control smart lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, dim lights, stereos, cable/satellite boxes, and the list goes on. find out for yourself. It also allows you to perform voice search for your movies, TV shows, etc. favourites. All you need to do is one pairing connection and your app is ready to go. You can navigate using keyboard mode as well as live mode.

It contains everything required in a good Firestick device driver. While it is slightly different from all the other apps mentioned. The difference is in the form of connectivity, i.e. everyone is connected to the device via Wi-Fi, but Harmony is connected via Bluetooth. To improve the user experience, it has a special voice search function with which you can quickly search your movies, songs, shows, etc. favourites. If you want, you can encrypt this app to access control your device. Only one pairing is required to get started.

unlimited remote control

It comes with tons of extra features and functions to make your job easier. Limitless involves several methods from which users can use this app. The modes are Joystick mode, Mouse mode, Keyboard mode, 4-way D-pad mode, etc. Instantly launch apps on your Firestick device while working on your smartphone. Apps will automatically load on your device.

The app is very simple and easy to use and can be used as Joystick or Playback media buttons. Converts to D-Pad mode and also supports keyboard and mouse cursor functionality etc. This app allows you to easily launch apps on your Firestick device from your smartphone by automatically loading them to your phone.

AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote is just a random Fire TV remote app, but it stands out for the level of customization it offers. You only get one directional pad with this remote app. But you can customize the keys with double tap, swipe gestures, two finger gestures, etc. It also connects via Wi-Fi and is demanding. Apart from controlling a remote device, it can be used for many other jobs. That’s why we say it’s a universal program. Smartly control your room with this app.

This is another all-in-one remote control app that supports around 90,000 Android devices. This is the only app available on the internet that supports this number of devices. It can be used on Firestick, FireTV, Mi TV, Kodi, Roku, Yamaha, etc. This app also uses Wi-Fi and comes with a lot of features. It is very useful to control many devices including the Amazon Firestick device.


DroidMote is not only developed for FireStick FireTV but also can be used on Linux, Windows and even Chrome OS. It works like a virtual mouse, so if you have a computer too far away and you’re watching the movie, just lean back and use this app to navigate or perform any task using your mobile device. By default, the DroidMote remote app has no noticeable lag or lag, if you are experiencing slowness you can check your network connections or try it with other client devices.

This is another great app for controlling your Firestick device and navigating through your favorite apps and programs. It has a D-pad mode that you can use to navigate apps on your TV. DroidMote is a remote application and input device emulator that can convert hardware input devices to various input devices. For example, a hardware gamepad on the keyboard and mouse, or a touchscreen/hardware keyboard and mouse on the gamepad.

Final Words: Best FireStick Remote Apps

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