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Best Apps Instead GamStop to Focus on Studying

Today, different distracting blocking apps have proven to be effective on a daily basis in helping learners to be disciplined by limiting or restricting their access to the web. Are you one of the students who wants to avoid social media or other distracting online sites? Here is a list of the best tools to block websites on your PC or mobile devices.

Gamban (GamStop Freemium Alternative)

Launched in 2015, Gamban is an app created by British charity GambleAware. This website blocking software was launched to help people bypass CasinoGap online platforms by allowing them to block gambling sites of their choice. Gamban is an effective tool for students to help them focus on their studies. In fact, with the growth of the online gambling industry, a wide range of games are available, so they are tempted to gamble more and tend to neglect their studies.

With Gamban blocking software, students who spend too much time playing must install the software, and once installed, they will be banned from the website of their choice. An important reason for making Gamban popular among learners is that this application is compatible with PCs and all devices. It is worth mentioning that once this profitable online game blocking software is installed, they cannot uninstall it until the time is up.

Students all over the world can choose this tool to block over 55,000 gambling websites and apps globally. Recognized worldwide, this UK-based gambling block provider offers up to 99% effective blocking solutions to licensed and unlicensed gambling websites.

net nanny

Net Nanny is a service created by Gordon Ross in 1993 to offer protection to children. This creator was inspired to design this app after seeing a sting operation on a pedophile asking for a child online. The company expanded in 1998 when it launched a technology biometric security access system to provide a higher level of protection for the family. Net Nanny focuses on protecting children from internet damage to prevent them from watching inappropriate content.

With Net Nanny, parents need to download the app, and once it’s installed on their kids’ cell phones, they can manage their kids’ settings and devices. In fact, the child companion app provides various functions such as website blocker, internet filter, screen time manager, etc. As this parental control software provides the best protection for kids at an affordable price, all parents do is install the app and follow clear instructions.

Cold Turkey

The term “cold turkey” describes an abrupt withdrawal from an addiction. In fact, one of the most popular apps for blocking distracting websites like social media and gaming sites is a great option for learners who fancy spending a lot of time on the internet. Opting for ColdTurkey offers two significant benefits; private data storage and unlimited block duration to help you avoid possible problems caused by monitoring distracting websites.

This powerful website blocker impresses with its effectiveness as a blocking program to hijack online sites. Similar to GamStop, the first step is to download the app, and once it is done, users will be immediately banned from websites for the chosen period. Since they left social networks and gaming sites, they will focus on their study. An important feature that comes with this anti-distraction software is that users can lock schedules and timers to let them stay away from internet distractions. They can block online sites by their URL, which means they can be banned from specific web pages or entire websites.

stay focused

This free website blocker app is gaining popularity among students who want to avoid the temptation to browse time-wasting websites. When using StayFocusd, the first step is to install the app, which only takes a few seconds. When this app is installed, users can immediately ban themselves from distracting websites or social networks of their choice.

The software blocks time-consuming desktop apps like Slack, Steam, and email. This website blocker for studying is a remarkable blocking tool as it comes with several features to help users get easily banned from the sites of their choice. One of them is an option for learners to block all websites or specific content. Today, this productivity extension for Google Chrome is used by more than 460,000 users. One thing is sure; students will focus entirely on learning, working and revising while installing the most robust free tool, StayFocusd.


Used by over 2,000,000 people, Freedom is one of the well-known apps for disabling learner access to website distractions including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other distracting websites. Freedom is considered one of the best apps in the world for Windows, Chrome, Mac, Android and iOS to help people focus on their studies and work.

To use Focus, users can choose to install or download the app. Although this powerful website blocker requires them to pay a fee, they are allowed to use the app for a 7-day trial. After the trial, they usually get a discount of between 30% and 50% of their subscription, which makes this application affordable. Freedom works directly after installation, and like other blockers, users have a choice as to how long they want to be self-excluded. There is also a feature that allows users to pause, limit, and get insights into their browsing behaviors. They can turn off the app when the block duration has expired or when they are done studying.

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