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best apps for windows 11

If you are not very clear about what these applications we are talking about are, we wanted to bring you a small list with those programs that will be useful to you in more times than you imagine. And it is that, although with the arrival of this version of Windows a wide variety of features have been added, you will still be able to do more with these apps for your PC.

Useful apps for Windows

Not only will we mention which are the applications for this version of the Microsoft operating system that you should have installed, but we’ll tell you exactly what they do to make them worth installing on the computer. These are the following:

East apps for windows 11 This will allow us to configure the sound of our computer in a more personalized way. More than anything, because this standard operating system may be insufficient for many users. Therefore, having this application we will be able to expand the repertoire of alternatives when it comes to change pc sound.

In this case we opt for another option also related to sound. Although, in this case, it is a tool that will allow us to edit any audio track from the computer. Therefore, if you are among those who need on your computer an application designed for sound editingAudacity is designed for you.

There are all kinds of browsers, but there is no doubt that Brave is ideal for users who want to keep their privacy intact. Everyone knows Chrome, Firefox, etc., although this alternative has all kinds of crashes and it will prevent us from being tracked when we surf the net.

Today there are many messaging applications that we have on our computers, we no longer only use WhatsApp Web, but there are many options such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, among others. For this reason, if you are one of those who take forever to read all your messages, this application for Windows 11 will gather all to make it easier for you to respond to your pending chats from your computer.

Not only are there a multitude of applications for sound editing, but there are also applications that will help us edit any video from a Windows 11 computer. In this case, you will need clipchamp. Apart from being free, it will give us different options, such as exporting clips in 720p or 1080p quality.

Forget writing down everything you want to remember on paper. Now you’ll have it at your fingertips from your PC with a note. This application for the Microsoft operating system will not only help us remember everything we want, but it will also help us with our work, the projects we have in progress, etc. organize everything we want without any difficulty.

a note

Finally, we go with File Converter. With this application for any Windows PC we will get convert any type of file to another format. In this way we will not have to resort to online converters that could fill our computers with viruses. In addition, it is integrated into the context menu of the operating system to make our life easier every time we want to perform a conversion.

How can I install them?

The truth is that it will be quite simple in the vast majority of cases. Basically, because many of these apps we mentioned are available in the Microsoft Store. So once we enter the App Store, it will be as fast as click the Install or Get button. This will download the file and install it. Also note that we may need to allow you to make changes to the device before your installation is complete.

Instead, if it is outside the Microsoft store. We only have to find the download button to start downloading the installation file. And, once the download is complete, it’s as simple as running the .exe file to be able to install app on Windows 11.