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Become an influencer with these two apps for iPhone

Social networks are becoming more and more important in the workplace, indeed, many people live and earn their income directly from the actions they do on these platforms. Therefore, if you also want to maximize your social networks, in this article we will talk about two apps that will help you.

Unfold, the king of Instagram stories

Surely you have already heard of this application many times, and it is not for less. It’s about a instagram story generator, or, that’s how it started, since now you can do a lot more things with it. But hey, let’s go in parts, the first and most important is that it is a perfect tool to create neat and aesthetic Instagram stories because it has many models that you can use as well as the inclusion of different elements to personalize it even more.

Besides that, it also has a post planner, something very important when organizing the content that you are going to upload to your Instagram account, with the aim of generating an aesthetic, orderly and above all meaningful flow. It also gives you the option to create biosites, which are nothing more than small pages where you can include links to your various projects, websites or social networks, making redirecting the public to other social networks much more comfortable. Of course, Unfold offers users a wide range of tools to improve and professionalize your Instagram account.

Finally, you should know that downloading this application is completely free, but it is true that to enjoy everything it offers you will have to pay a subscription. However, the free part is more than enough to start testing the app and creating content in your stories, and later, if you need more tools and variety, go for the subscription.

Unfold: Story & Collage Maker

to Stories, share your content like a pro

Certainly, if you want to live social networks or create content on them, you have a YouTube channel, a podcast or a web page, well, with this application what you can do is share content of these platforms through your stories but in the most beautiful and aesthetic way possible. Make everyone who sees your story feel the need to step into that content to see it just because of how enjoyable you had to share it.


Also, the operation of the application is very intuitive and simple, which means that in seconds your Instagram story is ready to be published. Just copy the link of whatever you want to share, be it a podcast, YouTube video or article from your website, paste it and you’ll have a wide variety of ways to share it. directly in your stories , being able to customize, again to your liking, both the colors and the way to do it, since you can even export it to your cart as if it were a sticker and the later paste over any other image, giving you even more possibilities to customize your content. It should be noted that this application is completely freeyou will therefore not have to pay a single euro to take advantage of all its advantages.

to stories for Instagram
to stories for Instagram