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Apple users in Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia will pay more for apps | Technology

The California-based company says new pricing will go into effect starting next month.

Apple customers in countries including Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea and Poland will pay more for apps and in-app purchases starting next month, the tech giant said.

The California-based company said in a blog post on Monday that the pricing will go into effect starting Oct. 5. The new prices will also affect customers in Egypt, Sweden, Vietnam and all jurisdictions that use the euro.

The changes also reflect Apple’s new regulations in Vietnam that require the company to collect and remit value added tax (VAT) and corporate income tax (IRS) set at 5%, the company said. .

Trevor Long, a tech industry analyst based in Sydney, Australia, said the changes would have the biggest impact on app purchases at the lowest prices.

“I think it’s important to remember that Apple doesn’t set the price of an item, whether it’s an app or an in-app purchase, but they set the price increases available to developers and publishers. Apple changes its pricing structure is more likely to affect those in the lowest price tier, with developers unable to lower their prices to the next tier,” Long told Al Jazeera.

“Having said that, customers are unlikely to back down from changes, as in most cases it is the smallest expense, although in reality customers should take the opportunity to question all their app subscriptions.”