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Apple plans to offer more advertising to users through apps

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Users of iPhone apps such as Maps and Podcasts could potentially see more advertising in the future, with a report saying it plans to significantly ramp up its advertising business.

Some of Apple’s services, such as the App Store, News, and Stocks, serve ads to users in addition to content. While other apps like Maps have so far avoided an ad push, it’s claimed that Apple is working to do just that.

In Sunday’s “Power On” newsletter for BloombergMark Gurman says Apple’s advertising teams “got a foothold” in the services industry in early 2022. Todd Teresi, who previously reported to Eddy Cue during the iAd Network era, has returned to reporting to Cue .

Teresi reportedly discussed expanding the advertising arm, boosting its $4 billion annual revenue by double digits. To achieve this goal, more advertising will need to be served to users.

Ad activity was also discussed during an earnings call, but despite some headwinds, it was seen as positive for the company. This was apparently an indicator for Gurman that there was interest within the company about it.

Gurman thinks there will be more ads in digital storefronts, such as books and podcasts, with more ads included in TV+ as well. An expansion of search ads on Apple Maps is also considered a possibility and has also reportedly been explored internally.

While Apple can increase its ad revenue with more ads, it still has to do so while maintaining consumer privacy. It already benefits from its search ads on the App Store despite most of the search volume coming from devices that have first-party data collection disabled.

In July, Apple confirmed that it was testing new advertising spaces in the App Store, including a placement on the App Store Today and the “You might also like” section.