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Android applications, games can now run on Google Chrome thanks to Bluestacks X

Android apps and games can now be played from desktop or laptop while using Google Chrome thanks to Bluestacks X. Here’s what you need to know about how the service works.

One of the best features of the upcoming Windows 11 update is the ability to run Android apps without downloading additional software. While Android app support may not be available at launch time, users can actually run Android apps and play games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Garena Free Fire on their PC and laptop today. hui. Additionally, they should be able to run these apps in their Chrome browser, thanks to Bluestacks X, from the company that created the popular Bluestacks Android emulator.

Instead of downloading and installing a separate app to “emulate” the Android apps that users are currently used to, the new Bluestacks X service is designed to allow users to run Android apps in their browser window. While an emulator creates a virtual environment that allows Android apps to run on Windows, Bluestacks X will use a cloud service to run those apps and users will be able to access them from the browser. There will be a limited collection of games to start with as the service is still in beta, while the emulator app is said to support over 200 games.

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Players who have used Google Stadia will be aware of the greatest benefit of such a cloud-based service. Even users of older desktops or laptops who don’t have enough system resources can also run apps and games from the browser. This is because users essentially access (or “stream”) the game over the internet and all processing is done in the cloud, using the company’s hybrid cloud as well as Amazon’s AWS Gravitron servers, according to The. Verge.

Bluestacks X will soon be fully available on browsers such as Google Chrome. It is currently the only cloud gaming service with free and ad-supported streaming of apps and games. The service is currently in beta mode with a fixed set of streaming games, such as Raid: Shadow Legends, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, while more will be added on a regular basis, according to reports.