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6 must-have travel apps to download to create perfect, stress-free travel plans

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This year, traveling is going to be really difficult. Growing pains are common and we should approach any travel experience prepared for the worst as airlines, airports and all other facets of business struggle to bounce back from two years of stagnation.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at ways to make your family’s travel day smoother by packing light, just bringing carry-on baggage, and a variety of other tips to avoid trouble, but there is a strategy. which requires its own article: travel apps.

Some of these should be travel mainstays as they were uploaded before Covid even hit our radar, but others will come in handy, especially now that travel is so difficult.

Here’s our pick of the essential travel apps to get you through this year’s madness.

1. Whichever airline you fly with, the app

It is crucial to have as much information as possible about your available flights. The first step to making sure you’re prepared on flight days is to download your carrier’s app and sign up for a subscription.


Even if Delta or American are slower to report their issues, installing FlightAware gives you all the flight information you might need as a backup. You can receive frequent updates on the location of your jet by typing in your flight the day before you depart.

3. Lounge Buddy

Sometimes there can be delays, and with airport congestion, it can be difficult to find a comfortable seat for six hours while eating expensive airport cuisine.

4. HotelTonight

You are often desperate if the worst happens and your flight is cancelled. Waiting for the airline to locate you can take forever given that thousands of people are going through the same situation as you.

5. Google Maps and Google Translate

Never let them leave your phone. After a long day of travelling, the combination of a language barrier, a strange environment and general helplessness can be enough to push anyone over the edge. You can find light in the dark with Google’s translation and mapping services.

6. Travel

When traveling, organization is key, yet many of us still insist on lugging around our tiny binder of papers. Sure, you need real stuff like passports, but a single app like TripIt can hold all your bookings, reservations, airline information, and excursions.

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