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5 Notion apps and tutorials to make it more productive

Whether you’re new to Notion or already know the basics, these free apps and tutorials will teach you how to use Notion on a whole new level.

Notion is one of the hottest productivity apps today and can be turned into a tool to do almost anything. From trackers and to-do lists to databases and presentations, Notion’s versatility is its biggest advantage. Of course, that also makes it a bit overwhelming for newcomers. But if you learn how to use it with these free tutorials and fix its missing features with third-party extensions and tools, you’ll find that it quickly becomes a must-have productivity tool for you.

1. The Ultimate Notionpedia (Template): Free Beginner’s Guide Course to Learn Notion

The Ultimate Notionpedia is a free beginner course to learn the basics of Notion in a step-by-step interface

You’ll find plenty of expensive courses online that will teach you how to use Notion, taking you from beginner to learning all the advanced tips and tricks. The Ultimate Notionpedia is a free (or paid) resource for learning all of this, as a one-page template within Notion itself.

The Ultimate Notionpedia divides users into three types based on how familiar you are with Notion: New, Normal, and Expert. This will walk you through things like pages, templates, mentions, databases, Indify widgets, filters, links, relationships, and more. You’ll also find a list of Notion experts who have their own contributions to the app or offer tips and tricks on their page if you follow them.


Click on each item to learn more about it in the form of an official video from Notion or as a short piece by third-party developers like Indify. Then, once you’ve mastered it, tick the box next to follow your course learning at your own pace.

Red Gregory is one of the top online experts sharing Notion strategies, tips, themes and tutorials for free, and YouTube channels like Marie Poulin and Thomas Frank explains.

After learning the basics of Notion, you can improve your skills with some of the best YouTube channels and blogs teaching free lessons. Three of them stand out.

Red Gregory is both a blog and a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to Notion tutorials, so you can choose to read tips or watch videos. It also creates free and paid Notion templates for download. The blog is neatly categorized, while the channel offers dedicated playlists like beginners, builds and patterns, and formulas.

Marie Poulin is an expert in productivity and well-being whose weapon of choice is Notion. Poulin offers great ideas for monetizing Notion and using it for specific things like gardening. You’ll want to stick to its Notion Mastery playlist, as the channel has videos on several other unrelated topics.

Thomas Frank Explains is another YouTube channel with a series of Notion tutorials. Thomas’ videos are longer and more detailed than the previous two, but he goes into great detail and explains the thought process behind each tip.

3. notion-enhancer (Chrome, Firefox, Windows, macOS, Linux): best extension to enhance Notion

notion-enhancer is a desktop app and browser extension that adds a range of features missing from Notion

No two ways about it, notion-enhancer is hands down the best extension to give your Notion superpowers. It works in any browser or desktop and adds a range of additional features to Notion as “mods”.

Once you have installed notion-enhancer anywhere, you will find an option to enter its settings the next time you open Notion. In the Notion Enhancement Dashboard, you’ll see all available mods, which you can enable or disable, and even choose custom settings within each. For example:

  • The tweaks will allow you to modify Notion in a number of ways, such as wrapping tables to full width, hiding the Help button, adding readable line spacing, and more.
  • Right to Left automatically changes the text direction to right to left, which is useful for some languages ​​other than English.
  • Collapsible headers and properties add toggles to collapse sections
  • Add scroll up or scroll down buttons
  • Choose from several community-created themes to customize your Notion

You can do so much more if you dive under the hood and explore. And you can join the Discord community to suggest more features or help build them.

4. Chillipepper (Web): Create Beautiful Forms Connected to Notional Pages

Chillipepper lets you create beautiful shapes connected to Notion

Notion is a fantastic place to build a database, so it’s only natural to use it as an alternative to Google Forms. Chillipper is the easiest way to create beautiful forms that connect to and embed in your notion pages.

The form creation process is quite simple and you can try it out without signing up (although we recommend signing up first, it’s free). Add field name, field text, default text in dialog, and field type from six options: multi-select, email, phone, text, long text, and number. You can see a live preview of your form at any time and also choose the button text and color.

Once the form is created, you can connect it to a Notion page for free, linking each field to a field on your page. Our suggestion would be to create this database in advance, so that the login process is easier. Once the form is ready, send it as a link to anyone to fill out, and their choices will appear in Notion. Chillipper also offers an easy way to embed the form on your Notion page.

5. Notion Graphs (Web): Create Embeddable Graphs from Notion Tables

Notion Charts is one of the easiest ways to create charts from Notion tables and embed them anywhere

Notion is a fantastic tool for databases and charts, and now you can turn them into awesome charts with Notion Charts. The free app connects to your Notion account, where you only grant it access to the pages containing the data you want to create charts from.

You will need to specify the table to use in the chart builder and select the columns for your X and Y axes. You can also sort by any of the columns and group by various factors. Next, choose the chart type from nine options: line, horizontal bar, vertical bar, pie, ring, radar, area, map, or treemap. You can choose multicolor or monochrome formats and enable or disable data labels. All changes are previewed live.

Once the chart is created, grab the embed URL and paste it as an embed in any Notion page. You can also paste it into other embeddable web elements. Notion Charts is absolutely simple to use and the free version lets you create five charts.

Models make Notion infinitely better

These guides and apps are just the first steps to mastering Notion and creating productivity tools that serve your purpose. But before you start customizing a Notion page for yourself, check out the sites for the best free Notion templates, because someone else might have done it already.

The great strengths of Notion are the templates, allowing creators to create ready-made Notion packs for just about anything. You will also find several paid templates online. And once you master Notion with the resources in this article, you can create your own templates and hope to quickly profit from them.

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