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5 Netflix Extensions and Apps for a Better Watching Experience

Netflix is ​​one of the biggest streaming services in the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better. These apps and extensions give your Netflix superpowers free.

There’s so much to love about Netflix, but there are still a few mistakes. Why is it hard to find movies that you and your friends like in common? Why is keyboard navigation difficult? Why doesn’t Netflix have x-rays like Amazon Prime Video? If you are annoyed by these glitches, a few apps and extensions can fix them.

1. Bedtimes (Android, iOS): Find movies you and your friends like together

Have you struggled to find something to watch that you and your partner or friends like in common? Couchers tries to solve this problem with a Tinder-like app to choose movies you like or dislike, and find matches with your friends or partner.

Here’s how it works. First, install and register for the app, then choose your Netflix country to get the local catalog. Next, create a group and invite people to join. Tap “Content” and you’ll start the Tinder-like interface. Swipe right to like a title, swipe left to dislike it. Once your teammates have done the same, the group will show all the titles you match.

You can create multiple groups for different people. So, for example, you can have one group to find something you like with one roommate, and another group to find common matches with all roommates. You can also send messages to Couchers groups. And the application also allows you to define certain genres so that the catalog is filtered.


To download: Bedtimes for Android | iOS (Free)

2. FlixRemote (Chrome): Control Netflix in a browser from your phone

FlixRemote lets you use Netflix on your computer or laptop with your phone as a remote

If you want Netflix through a browser on your computer or laptop and keep it remote, it can be a pain to get up to control playback. FlixRemote turns your phone into a remote control for Netflix on your browser, and you don’t need to install any app on your phone for that.

Install the extension in Chrome and launch it when running Netflix. It will generate a QR code, which you need to scan with your phone to open it as a link in your phone’s browser. This connects your computer’s Chrome browser to your phone’s browser, turning your phone into a remote control.

FlixRemote displays the currently playing title, and in the case of a TV series, you can also view all episodes. You can change FlixRemote subtitles and audio options, adjust volume and skip intro. Of course, on top of all that, you can control playback like pause, skip forward or back 10 seconds, and jump to the next or previous playback item.

To download: FlixRemote for Chrome (Free)

3. Netflix Browser (Chrome): Easily browse Netflix with your keyboard

In browsers, Netflix doesn’t work well with a keyboard, even for simple things like scrolling through titles with the arrow keys. Netflix Navigator adds a range of options for browsing Netflix with your keyboard.

The extension allows you to navigate easily with the arrow keys, and you can find more information about any title by pressing Enter. This opens a small popup window with all the title information, without taking you away from the main page.

Netflix Navigator also automatically plays the default Netflix preview video when you dwell on a title for more than a second. And if you want to search the catalog, press the S key as a shortcut.

To download: Netflix Browser for Chrome (Free)

4. Extended Netflix (Chrome, Firefox, Edge): Avoid Netflix Spoilers and Get Easier Controls

Netflix Extended adds a range of features to Netflix on browsers, including keyboard shortcuts, automatic intro skipping, and hiding spoilers in title description

There are a number of annoyances on Netflix that the streaming service has never bothered to fix. Netflix Extended is another one of those extensions to fix popular websites that make Netflix usable.

Like Netflix Navigator, it adds a number of keyboard and mouse shortcuts for easier navigation. For example, you can press N to skip to the next episode, H to control subtitles, S to skip the intro or recap, or Esc to return to the browse page. If you’re using a wireless mouse, you can control the volume with the scroll wheel.

One of the best features of Netflix Extended is how it helps you avoid spoilers by blurring series and episode descriptions, so you don’t know the details. It also stops playing trailers on the browse page, so you can go blind. The extension also adds ratings from IMDb and other rating agencies.

All of these features and shortcuts are fully editable. You can turn them on and off individually, and you can also change the shortcuts.

To download: Netflix extended for Chrome | firefox | Edge (free)

5. Cine Lens (Chrome, Firefox): Get Cast, Music and Trivia as smart layer

Cine Lens adds an x-ray-like layer to Netflix with cast, music, and trivia information about any movie you watch.

One of Amazon Prime Video’s coolest features is X-Ray, which lets you quickly search for movie information while watching your video. Of course, it helps that Amazon owns IMDb and can easily link the data. But don’t worry, Cine Lens is bringing this to Netflix as a browser extension.

Once installed, launch Cine Lens anytime while watching your video by clicking the icon. Your video will continue to play while Cine Lens applies a layer with its information, divided into three tabs: Cast, Music and Trivia.

The extension shows you the cast details of any episode or movie, while you watch it. Click on any name for information on other titles they have appeared in. The Music tab finds all the songs played in the episode and gives YouTube links to listen to them (in the Cine Lens layer). Finally, Trivia lets you read all the IMDb trivia about anything you watch.

To download: Cine Lens for Chrome | Firefox (Free)

Learn the best Netflix hacks

These extensions and apps make Netflix so much better that if you don’t use Netflix on a browser often, you’ll want to switch. Cine Lens and Netflix Extended in particular are great tools and we can only hope that Netflix will integrate these features into their app.

But while extensions make Netflix so much better, it’s not like the official app is bad. In fact, it also has a few tricks up its sleeve, like hotkeys and secret codes. Our guide to the best Netflix hacks will enhance your experience like never before.

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