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5 apps to check out for sports betting opportunities | Entertainment

There are millions of people across the United States watching sporting events every day. These top sports include football, basketball, soccer, and many more. In recent years, viewers have been able to add a new element of anticipation to their viewing experience through sports betting.

Sports betting is currently legal in 30 states, including Tennessee, with some platforms only legal in 18 states.

Sports gambling has been around since sports have existed, especially in the past with horse racing. In modern America, there are easy and accessible ways for people to participate in sports betting through apps. There are now a variety of different apps that people can use for their bets, and these apps are advertised on all media platforms.

Here are five of the best sports betting apps for those looking to get involved in the betting industry.


One of the most advertised sports betting apps is BetMGM. Every day, we can come across the famous advertisement featuring the artist Jamie Foxx. BetMGM started in 2018 and has since become one of the most popular gambling apps in the country. The minimum deposit required is $10 and the first bet is risk free – even if they lose the bet they get something back.


Similar to BetMGM, FanDuel offers a risk-free first bet up to $1,000 with a $10 minimum deposit. This platform is best known for its many different types of bets including spreads, parlays, props, money lines, over/under and in-game betting. They accept most types of payment options and most refunds are processed within 24 hours.


This sports betting app offers thousands of ways to bet with a minimum deposit of $1. DraftKings offers up to $1,000 in bonuses when new customers sign up. There are over 18 sports that customers can bet on. Customers can expect easy withdrawals of their winnings from this gambling site.

Caesars Sportsbook

This platform offers up to $1000 and $100 insurance on a user’s first bet. Users can bet up to this amount on their first bet and even if they lose, they receive a refund in the form of a free bet. The minimum bet that can be placed on this app is $10. On Caesars Sportsbook, customers can expect Caesars rewards with wins and even losses.

Underdog Fantasy

With a minimum bet of $1, users can take advantage of this sports betting platform with up to $100 back if they are not satisfied with the service. Underdog Fantasy has many different offers to intrigue customers, such as matching a user’s first deposit up to $100 and 20x their money back if they get five correct picks.