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20 Easy Ways To Make Money On Your Phone | ACFA-Cashflow

How long do you spend on your phone? You probably spend hours a day on your phone.

So, if you’re always on your phone, why not earn money from it?

If you want a side hustle or work from home full time, try these 20 simple ways to generate money on your phone.

The best? These applications don’t need any specific tech skills; all you need is a smartphone and the motivation to work hard.

Buying jobs

One of the simplest ways to generate money with your smartphone is to go shopping. Except with these applications, your smartphone can indeed earn $600 from ACFA.

  1. Ibotta

Earn cash back on purchases. It works like this for in-store shopping:

Open the app and perform a few activities to uncover deals on your favorite items and brands.

Go to the shop and buy the things you choose in the app.

After then, snap a photo of your receipt to redeem your incentives.

For online purchases, the app must be downloaded on your device. Cashback earnings are calculated automatically.

Your cashback will be credited depending on your prior activity. Ibotta accepts PayPal, Venmo, and gift cards.

Prices vary from 25 cents to $1. You must plan ahead of time, but you may earn between $5 and $50 back each month, depending on your food list. Since its launch in 2012, Ibotta claims to have paid out $600 million to 35 million customers.

Try browser coupon extensions if you like to purchase online using a desktop or laptop.

  1. Shopkick

Shopkick doesn’t provide cashback, but it does give points redeemable for gift cards. Shopkick offers gift cards for Amazon, Old Navy, and Lowe’s.

You don’t even need to purchase anything to get Shopkick. Entering a partner shop or scanning things may earn you points.

  1. Mobee

Using the Mobee app to generate money on your phone is free. You might just answer questions or snap images while shopping.

An app “Mission” can ask you to go to a particular shop, record what you discover, and then redeem your prizes. Their gift cards to significant merchants might arrive within 48 hours.

  1. Jobs2Shop

The best way to get started is to download a free app and then visit certain retailers or eateries. Other steps in the Jobs2Shop app might increase your profits before you payout through PayPal.

The pay depends on the kind of assessment. The most significant disadvantage is that you rely on local demand for mystery shopping. If you reside in a small town with little need, these engagements may be brutal.

Local business evaluations might earn you up to $100 per month or more in larger cities. Jobs2Shop believes its 1.7 million users have made $1.25 million.


EasyShift is another mystery shopping software that pays you to complete tasks. You may simply snap photos of things or check to price and share them inside the app in certain circumstances. You may also be paid to write promotional reviews.

How much you earn depends on local demand and the duties you complete. Taking pictures of product placement may earn you $2. You may earn $20 on an assignment if you’re obliged to make a buy.

It’s an easy method to go about your business and make a little cash every month. With this software, you won’t become wealthy, mainly if you reside in a rural location.

  1. Paribus

This software checks to see if you overpaid. Connect the app to your email account to scan purchases. If a merchant owes you money for price protection, the app tells you when the money is refunded. You’ll earn cashback if the price reduces.

But Paribus doesn’t watch all shops. Check to see whether your favorite shops are on the list. The software solely monitors price-matching retailers.

Accomplish you need the app to do this? Yes. Does it take longer? Yes. So let Paribus handle the hard lifting.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks may become one of your new favorite phone money apps. You may earn SB points by buying online or through the mobile app. Converting SB doesn’t give you cashback, but many gift cards are available.

Taking brief surveys or answering the daily poll question in the mobile app might earn you about $100 in Amazon gift cards every year. The results are impressive, particularly when paired with other loyalty and rewards programs.

Swagbucks claims to give out 7,000 gift cards each day and over $484 million in prizes to its users.

Focus groups and polls

Filling out internet surveys isn’t always fun, but it might help you save money. You might also earn extra cash by participating in focus groups or other activities that help marketers better understand their consumers.


You may earn $10 for every 20 minutes of testing applications or items. Using UserTesting, you can make $30 an hour by testing new apps on your phone.

There won’t be enough projects to replace your full-time employment. You won’t get enough work to keep you occupied for five or six hours. Instead, expect between two and six tasks every week.

It’s still an excellent way to generate a little more money each week, even if it’s just $30. They pay you a week after you finish a test.

9. uTest

uTest compensates you depending on offers. You may search for projects ranging from bug reports to usability testing reports. Each job takes a variable length of time, and rewards are contingent on the customer’s satisfaction.

You may earn anywhere from $3 to $50, plus extras. If you have a few hours a week to spare, you could easily make $10-$100.

10. Digital Voice (Nielsen)

Nielsen used to place little electronic monitors (like DVRs) on TVs to see what families were viewing.

Now Nielsen is engaged in all forms of rating information. Join its platform, and Nielsen will follow your smartphone usage to learn more about how customers interact, utilize applications, and even browse the web.

The most significant disadvantage is that points do not always equal money. Instead, it means more possibilities to win. You can win cash in the monthly sweepstakes, where you may win up to $10,000.

It’s not a method to earn a lot of money, but it may be a quick way to acquire additional income.

11. Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you may earn money by doing surveys or sharing your web browsing statistics. Each survey, for example, earns points redeemable for cash or gift cards to stores like Walmart. Surveys may question you about a variety of subjects.

It won’t necessarily engage your brain, but you can make money on your phone while waiting for a laundry load or traveling to work.

12. Pinecone Study

Pinecone Research pays $3 for each survey for product testers. This may not seem like much, but it may build up fast if you are eager to provide feedback on product development and finish surveys rapidly.

Be ready for a new email nuisance. Pinecone lets you earn money on your phone, sending you emails about new initiatives. If you want an all-in-one, on-demand experience, you should go elsewhere.

They are selling stuff through the phone.

Selling goods is one method to get money fast and simply. How much you earn depends on the quality of your things and shipping costs. But with the appropriate applications, you may easily earn some additional income.

13. Foap

Prefer snapping pictures with your phone? Sell those photographs on Foap. Deborah Sawyerr, a  creator of Sawyerrs’ House, sells images on Foap for $5 each (her share of the 50-50 split with Foap).

In addition to selfies, Sawyerr said he could post images of food and landscapes and dogs and other objects. “I can earn money from $100 to $2,500 by participating in specified missions.”

Foap also shares photographs with partners like Shutterstock and Adobe. So there are more chances to generate money. The greater the picture quality, the more probable you can monetize your phone.

14. Poshmark

Do you have trendy clothes in your closet? If so, take photos and sell them on Poshmark. This is a simple method to market your clothing and get money.

You may photograph your store or wardrobe. It’s like owning a consignment shop. Poshmark events allow you to showcase your items. Social media may help you get attention.

Poshmark collects $2.95 from every $15 transaction and 20% from more significant purchases, but you may still win. If you clean out your child’s closet, you may be amazed at the value of well-kept clothing.

15. Depop

Don’t stop at clothing. Get rid of the clutter and utilize Depop to sell goods that others may want. True, one man’s garbage is another’s treasure.

You may profit anywhere from $5 to $100 on unwanted stuff. You set the price and watch who pays it.

The app takes 10% of the overall price, including delivery. Selling an item for $20 plus $10 delivery costs Depop $3. However, because you’re using PayPal, those costs apply.

16. Decluttr

Decluttr specializes in electronics. There’s a market for used books, CDs, DVDs, games, and even Lego sets if you have some lying around.

Enter the item’s barcode into Decluttr; this works well for CDs and DVDs. The software scans barcodes. For electronics, just search for and describe the item.

Accept an offer and print a shipping label using Decluttr. No shipping or other costs are required.

Decluttr pays you through PayPal or direct transfer after receiving your goods. No commissions to worry about. So long as you haven’t misrepresented the condition of your items, Decluttr pays what it promises. The business says it has already paid out $400 million to sellers.

17. BookScouter

If you can discover the ISBN on the back cover, you can sell them on BookScouter. But you can’t set the pricing. The software generates an offer based on the ISBN and the book’s condition. Accept the request and send in your text.

One search has over 30 buyback sellers. Shipping is free, so you don’t have to worry about reducing your payout.

Try alternative methods to sell college textbooks if you’re a recent grad or a recovering hoarder.

More phone side hustles

“Be honest. According to Tom Drake, a financial analyst and creator of the financial education website MapleMoney, many of the applications you download won’t make you rich.

“Straightforward money won’t replace your day job or help you maintain a part-time income,” Drake said. You can earn decent money utilizing your phone as a side gig.

18. Uber (and Lyft)

Depending on your location and driving schedule, you may earn great money driving for ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber. You may make a few hundred dollars ferrying people about town during the yearly beer festival.

Plan your availability around holidays, special events, and weekend bar crawls. You may generate an excellent part-time income. But remember that petrol and automobile wear and tear will cut into your earnings.


Delivering with Amazon Flex pays $18-$25 an hour. Use the app to plan your availability or check for available blocks. Then use the app to distribute and monitor your revenue. You choose your schedule and may earn a monthly part-time income.

20. Working Solutions

This side business involves answering phones and providing customer care. Working Solutions employs home-based call center agents. Agents make an average of $15/h.

To make your side business succeed, you may need to have a consistent routine. Others require you to be available for work or take calls at certain times.